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How possible is a minecraft-like game, or really any other 3d game?

  • #1 ✎ 244 Shelly I was thinking recently, "Hey, now that we have a 3d rendering program and texture mapping, why can't we do something like minecraft?". How it would work: -Sim.3d would be used, due to it's remarkable rendering speed, as well as collision support. -dfrost2's texture mapper would be used to reduce the amount of time needed to draw each block. It would texture-map 6 quadrilaterals per block. I need to experiment with dfrost2's texture mapper. If it works I'll begin work on it. Posted
  • #2 ✎ 421 MasterR3C0RD Helper Received for being very helpful around SmileBASIC Source Achievements Second Year My account is over 2 years old Website osu! Is Awesome! I love osu! Express Yourself Don't, we'll summon more 10 year olds than we already have Posted
  • #3 ✎ 158 MochaProbably Expert Programmer Programming no longer gives me any trouble. Come to me for help, if you like! Programming Strength Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself Drawing I like to draw! Hobbies Its possible, but it will be very very slow without heavy optimization and tricks. Id be surprised if anyone could make a 3d procedural world but i have many doubts. Posted
  • #4 ✎ 102 dfrost2 my texture thing sucks a LOT Posted
  • #5 ✎ 102 dfrost2 it would really be better to have a perspective projection function and 512 sprites on the upper screen. Put all of the sprites in a SPFUNC and CALL SPRITE Posted