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  • #1 ✎ 39 Imasheep Pokemon Is Awesome! I love Pokemon! Express Yourself Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself OSP Contest 2 Contest Participant I participated in the second SmileBASIC Source OSP Contest! I made a thing programming. Wrote it down while I didn't have my DS, Made it work while I did. Wanna check it out? here is the link http://smilebasicsource.com/page?pid=1033 go click it Posted
  • #2 ✎ 642 IAmRalsei Forum Leader Hidden Achievements First Year My account is over 1 year old Website Expert Programmer Programming no longer gives me any trouble. Come to me for help, if you like! Programming Strength it's a good game to win mash 2009 potatoes Posted