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few project ideas

  • #1 ✎ 113 Amoura Deep Sleep Hidden Website Yesterday, I revealed to someone the story along with some sprites and concepts of a program I'd been working on. Throughout the "working", I thought of other ideas. Seeing as how I'm not moving on until this is finished, dropped or lacking care from me, these ideas are possibly going to waste. I'll, perhaps, paste the notes I've taken on each concept. Maybe someone reading this will like them and encourage me, design them, etc. If there's enough interest, I might share what I have for already mentioned projects, namely Shinjitsu no Koi and Unbound, but they're basically cancelled or "on hiatus." deuueaugh you sbfm if someone wants me to expand on a concept or idea I might love to as I know understanding me is hard maybe Posted Edited by Amoura
  • #2 ✎ 113 Amoura Deep Sleep Hidden Website If I can upload 10 projects as A normal user I think I can just upload each project's files If I forget Please verbally hit me in chat without hurting me Posted
  • #3 ✎ 113 Amoura Deep Sleep Hidden Website The first one is the longest planning file It's of an envisioned dating sim named Amazing Grace Oh dear My planning file has spoilers for Bloody Mary, but I might not ever finish either of them so that's okay. The public key for Amazing Grace's planning file is 8DR3KD Posted
  • #4 ✎ 113 Amoura Deep Sleep Hidden Website The next one is the second longest planning file It's of an envisioned rpg which mixes the cast/elements of the MOTHER and Fire Emblem series I don't know if this has spoilers because I haven't read it for a while I think The public key for the planning file, MOTHERXFE, is DN48334. I hope someday somehow that somebody makes these dreams come true or is inspired Posted
  • #5 ✎ 113 Amoura Deep Sleep Hidden Website Two projects considered won't be shared at this time because their planning files and concepts are stupid and short OCCULTISTX-; LOVELY_SINS the last is the 3rd longest planning thing It's an envisioned multiplayer battle game with characters and enemies in the MOTHER series its public key is E3A333CY hey look it says e3 does that mean mother 3 was announced to be localized at e3? no. Posted
  • #6 ✎ 113 Amoura Deep Sleep Hidden Website "Sent to: You @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ A concept I thought of within the past week at unspecified times... But today, 6/25/17, I thought of new ideas of this hopefully good project. It's an RPG which revolves around the concept of hope being a power. What if you could obtain something just by hoping for it? Of course, bad people with malevolent hopes would be enemies who got bad wishes. The main player characters would be blessed with an abundance of hope. I thought of the second character being a girl who doesn't talk and is maybe bullied for it. Her first words would confess love to the protagonist. She'd mostly communicate with little anime emotions appearing in bubbles above her head or text messages indicating her response "She looks pleased." But, she has an abundance of hope and would be a lovely cute quiet ally. The people bullying her would able to make her useless basically by simply hoping she couldn't do what she wants. They are forced to stop by the protagonist's abundant hope overpowering all of theirs. I want her to be not evil like at all (her hope could have killed the bullies maybe but she's too nice to hope malevolently and would only do in a crisis). I want her like Ana in MOTHER... cute and frail yet powerful. I maybe want her religious like Ana tooo... Oh well. I want this to have elements like MOTHER series such as normal things being enemies (only because they hoped for what made them that way) A dog hoping to fly might not seem bad for the dog but if it actually flies that's unnatural so you need to... tame it... Bleh this concept is so unplanned But I think it could be good I really do It reminds me of determination in undertale so surely it can work, right?" Posted Edited by Amoura
  • #7 ✎ 113 Amoura Deep Sleep Hidden Website Wrote today lol: "Game concept All kinds of monsters have been living amongst humans or whatever, but in kingdoms hidden by magic maybe. The magic seals break and now they're vulnerable to humanity again whom kind of banished them for being monsters. I want the player to be a vampire (vampire ville LOL) and maybe befriend a succubus (cubus kingdom lol) or a witch maybe (witches' woods LOLL) They go on a quest across the world to get some weird magic crystal in a castle The problem is by then that humans have inhabited by the castle and stuff and that humans DON'T WANT TO SEE monsters So you get into battles and junk along the way I want the protagonist's female friend to Umm Die lol And say very little maybe just like I ... love you before passing Lol so dramatic Although I don't know how to make it, i want battles 3dish on the bottom screen where you draw things to attack or tap to attack maybe Tap tap tap= scratch scratch scratch with your large vampiric fingernails maybe Then finish the combo with a bat leap tap tap tap, line that goes away from the target then loops back as though coming back= scratch x3 + bat leap Maybe i could have you equip new things via purchasing junk from monsters hiding amongst the human world Or you could find things randomly lol Hmm maybe the magic crystal thing is divided by humans into the humans' own kingdoms WOAAAH i could make a happy ending where they accept the monsters after realizing they both have their own needs and that they both lived in their own civilized kingdoms... how to implement SPARING without undertale??? Orrr i could make you visit multiple kingdoms of humans, taking crystals as word of you gradually increases thus increasing difficulty as they want to eliminate you faster neutral ending Lol This sounds like a dark fantasy rip of earthbound and undertale To be fair maybe this was conceived whilst I was listening to an orchestra arrangement of This Is Halloween, maybe Sounds great" Posted