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Site Discussion 134 thread(s) Website development / suggestions / bug reports Last post 18 days ago in Bug Reports General 433 thread(s) If it doesn't go anywhere else, it goes here Last post 4 hours ago in Composing Music for MML FAQs 47 thread(s) Completed questions and answers (don't post here) Last post 2 months ago in do you want a site similar to "Miiverse"? (at 20 yes, I create it) Programming Questions 522 thread(s) Get help with programming or debugging in SmileBASIC Last post 21 hours ago in Will somone make a BGM for me? SmileBASIC Bug Reports 89 thread(s) Bugs pertaining to the SmileBASIC software, not personal programs Last post 1 day ago in Temporary memory leaks Talk About Programs 295 thread(s) Talk about noteworthy or new SmileBASIC programs Last post 22 hours ago in Development/Bugreports for Windows 3DS Professional Popular threads:
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