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  1. ERROR! aVoid (OSP Contest) By: kantackistan QES3KD Go to a dark room and put on your best pair of headphones - because the only way to detect the p...
  2. ERROR! Miles to Kilometer Converter By: Warrior RV5Z343 You input a number (Miles) and ya get your self an output (Kilometers) I might make an option to...
  3. ERROR! OSP 3D Pong By: Nathaniel V3AKN4HF Possible entry for OSP Contest.
  4. ERROR! OSP Platformer By: Nathaniel 4DWEAEHD Possible entry for OSP Contest.
  5. ERROR! FlanTapSim – The pinnacle of flan tapping technologies! By: SomeThing RZ7QX3N4 An astounding, heartwarming gameplay experience that will change your life as you know it.
  6. ERROR! Slots (OSP Contest) By: JustGreat DRV323N4 It's the classic game of slots!
  7. ERROR! Sheep sprites By: Imasheep ZRDEE3HV I created some sprites! Its a bunch of sprites
  8. ERROR! Simple Alarm clock By: Imasheep DWEZEWD Just a simple program no the key is NOT fake
  9. ERROR! Lazy Shadows By: Autz64 N3A8EJQS This is a "tech-demo" i quickly made for the Summer Programming Contest. What it does is to cast...
  10. ERROR! Saturation By: NateDogg1232 DVES3Y3 This is my submission to the OSP contest. This program changes the saturation of an image (in...
  11. ERROR! BomberLink By: JustGreat B2DE33AV Website lurker was actually working on a game this whole time (v0.4)
  12. ERROR! Turtle library + Anti-aliased line library By: niconii N3A84EGS TURTLE.LIB is a library for drawing turtle graphics, as in the Logo programming language or Pyth...
  13. ERROR! faster FOR loop By: 12Me21 Often people use something like FOR I=0 TO LEN(ARRAY)-1 to loop through an array, but this isn't...
  14. ERROR! Menu By: KingCo N3X83P8S Menu is a crappy old test program of mine that i decided to finish and publish, so enjoy i guess...
  15. ERROR! Alpha By: HTV04 EDNEQ3N4 An open source terminal for SmileBASIC.
  16. ERROR! Chris!co Computer 7.5 By: Chrismslist DJCQ33QJ A Launcher Unlike Any Other... Chris!co Computer is back in version 7.5! With tons of new featu...
  17. ERROR! Tension - The Text Adventure Engine By: Mr_Mo DZCQN344 TEXT ADVENTURE GAME ENGINE!!! :O
  18. ERROR! POLYGON By: MathPRG NK4P4EBD POLYGON is a fast-paced evasion game. The goal is very straightforward: You play as a rounded sq...
  19. ERROR! Block Craft 3D By: Im_Old_Man 4KF3REED An early minecraft clone.
  20. ERROR! Fifteen Puzzle By: Undubbed 43N3K3ED Just a regular game of 15 tile puzzle where you must place the tiles in numerical order.
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