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Oh boy, the Spring Programming contest is almost over!

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  1. ERROR! (Paper) Airplane Simulator By: ProgrammingChicken CE34A3K4 A (paper) airplane simulator.
  2. ERROR! [DLC] Stereo 44.1kHz Music By: MasterR3C0RD JDVE738E, 93A3YDZS, 5SVNY3A4 OH BOY FREE MUSIC!
  3. ERROR! [WIP, still writing at this moment]How to program in SmileBASIC; Part 1: Getting ready By: AnswerXOX I am not copying and pasting from randomouscrap's tutorial, I am making my own since that's been...
  4. ERROR! 2P Mania By: Xyore 93X3QDAX A 2-player mini-game frenzy where each players takes one half of the 3DS. I'll be adding more t...
  5. ERROR! 360 Interactive Entertainment (logo) By: NovaSonic360 DK4K4E3F This is my very first uploaded program. My logo that I might include in future programs. Please...
  6. ERROR! 3D Parkour By: Simeon KEK458Y A massive 3D platforming game.
  7. ERROR! 3DENGINE By: Trinitro21 43KNQEA6 A 3D engine programmed with easy use in mind. Also includes 4D and MODE7.
  8. ERROR! 3DS OS Home Edition By: andritolion RDVEDEHE Begin a new OS... Begin using 3DS OS today!
  9. ERROR! 3var Compiler By: snail_ XKAK3E41 Compiles 3var code to native raw SmileBASIC code.
  10. ERROR! a game about anime By: Lumage 4RRX3K3V a new game that's entirely "press start"
  11. ERROR! A.D. 2053 BGM (The Geminja Hideout) By: ClassicGaminer DE4AEBD It's just an MML song using 4 basic instruments from SmileBASIC: Orchestra, Choir (Aahs), Seasho...
  12. ERROR! A2D Chat By: A2D_apps 7KSKVE4S Multiplayer chat by A2D
  13. ERROR! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA# Compiler By: 12Me21 Q33JSX9D A language created specifically to exploit a loophole in the contest rules Identical to SB excep...
  14. ERROR! AAdventureSB By: Cade5794 SE8X584E Adventure Atari 2600 for 3DS!
  15. ERROR! Age Calculator By: PolyEsther J34NYDKS A program that calculates how old you are: total years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and...
  16. ERROR! AI By: 12Me21 NRX3K473 It learns from talking to you.
  17. ERROR! AI that Learns!!! By: Mr_Mo RVEDV3E This is an AI/Chatbot That Learns! At 42 lines long, it is shorter, AND smarter than 12me21's! (...
  18. ERROR! Alien Attack By: Joshuawl ADKXCWQE I did actually make this game before I started on The Lazer Wars but never got to posting it. So...
  19. ERROR! ALLCAPS$() By: ColeslawProductions 4KA34413 A DEF block function that takes in a strings and turns all lower-case english letters in a strin...
  20. ERROR! Alphadog Games Map UI By: Alphadog_Games 4DSJ44XD PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE
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