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Oh boy, the Spring Programming contest is almost over!

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  1. ERROR! Lowerdash Reference Manual By: kldck_hul This is the official manual for Lowerdash, an object-oriented language extension
  2. ERROR! catchme By: yeti_515 1DVEN2AE Catch me is a simple game with endless waves of enemies. still not a finished game.
  3. ERROR! How To Program #4 - Input and Conditional Logic By: randomouscrap Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 4 : Gettin' Logical
  4. ERROR! Text-Only Loading Bar By: 12Me21 A progress/loading bar, made from only text. It's accurate to the nearest pixel DEF TEXTBAR$ LEN...
  5. ERROR! ISINSTR (String Searching) By: Minxrod DEF block that produces a list of locations a substring appears in a string.
  6. ERROR! Perlin Noise By: Simeon XKEE588E This is a port, it enables efficient access to a 3D infinite space of Perlin Noise by calling NO...
  7. ERROR! MarioMiner Library By: Mariominer 43EX243D A very useful library that you can use for nearly every program you make.
  8. ERROR! Road Builder By: 12Me21 5D247KHE Build roads to connect buildings.
  9. ERROR! Easier to use FREEBGM_RWI By: 12Me21 TXCX43JJ When you find a song you want to use, just press R, and it will copy the WAVSET and MML DATA to...
  10. ERROR! The Lazer Wars By: Joshuawl Z5NX53HV In this game you are a ship and you are against another ship. You both have three lives. Your go...
  11. ERROR! SPDEF Helper By: TheV360 E3345KNV Useful editor for SPDEF!
  12. ERROR! String Mapping By: HylianHoundoom How to save map data into a TXT file
  13. ERROR! Free WAV Player (version 4) By: 12Me21 73XN3XKS Play WAV files without the sound DLC
  14. ERROR! TLS_102 By: joelable NKAPBES3 A survival shooter game, in which you much fend of the impending mummy horde, purchasing upgrade...
  15. ERROR! How To Program #6 - Arrays By: randomouscrap Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 6 : An array of problems
  16. ERROR! SmileBASIC file format By: MasterR3C0RD Ever wonder how SB stores files? Here you go!
  17. ERROR! Rock Paper Scissor Stocks V1.1 By: Giant_Gamer 4K4X23G3 A Rock Paper Scissor (RPS) game where by the mechanic of choosing a company to invest in, determ...
  18. ERROR! Packager By: AnswerXOX KRW37WQV It packages data/graphic files and text files, and unpackaging those files is instant. Also com...
  19. ERROR! PTC to SB File Converter By: MYCRAFTisbest NDK4XXL3 Convert old PTC programs to run on SB
  20. ERROR! Volley of Birbs By: kitesinpowerlines E33K3J9Y Dodge unending waves of birbs. If you hit one, you have to start over
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