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  1. ERROR! How To Program #7 - Number Systems By: randomouscrap Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 7 : How to count
  2. ERROR! 2D Flight Game By: BlasticusSaturn NKEKX4CX It's super unfinished, so you can go off screen, raise and lower your pitch too much, the flak i...
  3. ERROR! Shift (DEMO) By: chicken 22VX7V3V The flash game, for SB! (Text-based port)
  4. ERROR! Improved Chip-8 Emulator By: 12Me21 13V3C24E Play chip-8 games in SmileBASIC
  5. ERROR! Factory RPG By: raimondz P223CEKE Create Maps and play them with tactical rpg mechanics. Changelog:
  6. ERROR! Shoeglue By: Perska Q3XEKXGD The platformer where you can't jump has a new platform: SmileBASIC v3!
  7. ERROR! Multi-touch By: MZ952 WDEE2D Uses ranging algorithms to filter through the random noise created when two, or more fingers are...
  8. ERROR! BLUE By: RaichuBender DRK453QE Make of it what you want...
  9. ERROR! In The Dark SB By: HylianHoundoom DKX3XERP A point and click horror game.
  10. ERROR! How To Program #8 - Functions By: randomouscrap Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 8 : Functionally sound
  11. ERROR! ZOS By: Mariominer R25VX3CJ The OS to end all OS's
  12. ERROR! Sprites 101 (for Beginners) By: UltraPhoenix4 A semi-short tutorial for beginners
  13. ERROR! Puchiko-Robo's Battle (trans) By: LohadL TE3NW3N4 Beat each mini-game mission to fight alien foes and save the world! (Creator: Mage, Trans: LohadL.)
  14. ERROR! Doodle By: Guzzler829 NR44JEF3 A drawing program
  15. ERROR! HexaDodge [Clone of Super Hexagon][WIP] By: AnswerXOX 2E8X7N3V Inspired off of Super Hexagon No resources taken from original To-do: Pausing Polishing graphics...
  16. ERROR! Knight Tour By: Archive 4K2344ZD Knight's Tour is an old chess challenge where you try to land on every square of the board only...
  17. ERROR! Encryptor/Decryptor By: 12Me21 4R34P3ED The code: INPUT F$,K$RANDOMIZE 0,LEN(K$)F$="TXT:"+F$T$=LOAD(F$,0)FOR I=0TO-1+LEN(T$)E=ASC(T$[I])...
  18. ERROR! Pasta Simulator 2018 By: Perska V27E33L4 The Official Sequel to Spaghetti Simulator!
  19. ERROR! How-To: Sine Text Scroller By: snail_ Learn to be a 90s demoscene developer!
  20. ERROR! No "S" Challenge By: Nathaniel NKYEXEH3 I decided to take a short break from my current project and attempt the No "S" Challenge. The ch...
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