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  1. ERROR! Simple Menu Function By: 12Me21 Function to allow the user to select an item from a list
  2. ERROR! Megalovania By: to4oo4 93XKNDKF This plays a resounded version of Megalovania. The MML was made by raimondz.
  3. ERROR! Sprite Dragger By: to4oo4 DK2EDEQE This lets you drag sprites using the touch screen. That's pretty much it. However, you can use c...
  4. ERROR! Sonic Screwdriver By: to4oo4 M348EDJX The Sonic Screwdriver is now in YOUR hands!
  5. ERROR! Controlling Sub-Pixels By: 12Me21 ok so you have two options here: 1: Use only graphics: DEF GSPSET X#,Y#,S# GPSET X#,Y#/3,GSPOI...
  6. ERROR! Calculator By: 12Me21 QKEX1X93 It's a calculator
  7. ERROR! GALAXY By: BlackCat2551 Q34PB4TD GALAXY is a project I'm working on in between my two major projects (Criminalis, and Passages of...
  8. ERROR! DIALOG guide By: 12Me21 DIALOG is used to display a textbox on the bottom screen. It's useful for debugging and simple m...
  9. ERROR! Sheep sprites By: Imasheep NRV314HD I created some sprites! Its a bunch of sprites
  10. ERROR! Crazy SP! By: faner Y33X8D I made this as a reference so I wouldn't forget how functions work, since I had a bit of trouble...
  11. ERROR! BIP (Button Identification Program) By: Mariow2 4KNDX4KD Port of the Button Identifier by Melon! (MrsTekky)
  12. ERROR! 3DS Soft OpenSoftware By: Creepy640 NK3NY4G6 3DS SOFT est un OpenSoftware permettant d'écouter de la musique, jouer à des jeu et plus !!!
  13. ERROR! Making a smooth Jump for platformers By: Autz64 Here i'm going to show how to perform a smooth jump for 2D platforms. The tutorial will kinda fa...
  14. ERROR! How to make a sprite from text! By: chicken Making a text sprite is pretty straightforward, however, it may not be obvious at first glance h...
  15. ERROR! Simple TOUCH Sprite Collision Tutorial By: Warrior What? In this tutorial we will be creating a multi-functional TOUCH based sprite collision sys...
  16. ERROR! Fruit Catcher By: SquiVolt 43HEZEHD Catch fruit, but avoid bombs.
  17. ERROR! Bigger maps on SBMAP By: SwanBot KX8E48M A helpful modded SBMAP to make larger maps
  19. ERROR! NDWK8F By: Minxrod NDF3E313 A collection of the same game as it changed over time.
  20. ERROR! Brainfuck interpreter By: bluekrill EZCVN3K4 A brainfuck interpreter
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