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  1. ERROR! The Evil Skeleton Overlord Battle Simulator 2017 By: Perska PKA3NPKP some red hair guy vs spook skeleton. who wins will shock you
  2. ERROR! exercism.io By: seggiepants 5RDXV3CJ EXERCISM.IO: Want to get better at programming in SmileBasic? Attached are ten exercises I adap...
  3. ERROR! HOME of GAMER By: EpicMario71 4RWEXX2D social ( beta ) with updates every 2 weeks
  4. ERROR! Rock Paper Scissors DX By: DaSonicMario DYER433 the greatest rock paper scissors known to man!
  5. ERROR! Polygon! By: Minxrod Y3A8VJDP Draws a polygon! SINGULAR POLYGON.
  6. ERROR! NGM OS By: NickyTheDerpGuy CKXKNX4S A pretty bad Operating System I made around 4 months ago and forgot about. everything is pretty...
  7. ERROR! 12 Line BG Collision Tutorial By: Warrior I am aware that Randomousecrap recently did an extensive tutorial on this topic, and i have not...
  8. ERROR! Strings By: 12Me21 String function tutorial
  9. ERROR! Guess2 By: Giant_Gamer DK33XEA1 Submitted for the "Colors" programing competition. This program is a simple guessing game, a hea...
  10. ERROR! strncrypt By: Glitch3ds0ul 9K23N33F encrypt/decrypt program
  11. ERROR! SB Virus Scanner PLUS By: MYCRAFTisbest CX53N3RJ Scans for worms and viruses and such and removes them.
  12. ERROR! Robot Walkthru By: Perska NKAJ1XMD Wanted to guide your very own robot? Now you can!
  13. ERROR! Basic Textboxes. By: JINC_DEV In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a simple text box. A simple text box: This is jus...
  14. ERROR! SMILE By: Micalobia D2NQA34J SMILE is a program designed to be used in replacement to the Smiletool. It has a customizable in...
  15. ERROR! DT_TOOL By: GamingwithsotoYT J343VXKS Its not finished but i want to so what you guys think
  16. ERROR! WHILE/REPEAT loops By: 12Me21 WHILE ... WEND WHILE condition 'if condition is 0, jump past WEND 'Code to run WEND 'jump to WH...
  17. ERROR! Magnitude Tutorial By: Chemicalex Learn how to find out the distance between two points!
  18. ERROR! Bio Hazard BETA By: PetrifiedLasagna QKX4DE5D Bio Hazard - Zombie Survival
  19. ERROR! String Array, FOR, REPEAT, WHILE, and Walking Tutorial. By: ResetReload RWDDE3D I explained this on the forums but in case you want to mess around with the actual code, here yo...
  20. ERROR! Mock Library By: MZ952 DD348394 This library contains a series of functions that allow you to manipulate strings in such a way t...
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