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Oh boy, the Spring Programming contest is almost over!

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  1. ERROR! Universal Programming Language v.2 (UPL+) compiler By: Mr_Mo Q3XJ3E9D This program is a compiler, but due to my limited programming knowledge, and the simple design o...
  2. ERROR! Minimalist Notepad By: ResetReload PKKNYJKF Very simple notepad with 20 pages, each allowing up to 252 characters.
  3. ERROR! Starting Out With Lowerdash Part 4 By: kldck_hul Learn you an object-oriented programming for great good!
  4. ERROR! Guess the Tune By: Joshuawl ADWXC23V This is a game i made really quick mainly to test how to use the randomizer. In this game it wil...
  5. ERROR! Tool Collection By: to4oo4 VX5QA3A4 A collection of some simple ease-of-access programs I made.
  6. ERROR! BGM Player By: to4oo4 RXJ23PD Self-explanatory.
  7. ERROR! Happy Thanksgiving! By: to4oo4 RECVA3K4 An animation I made to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  8. ERROR! G-Zero By: Super_Defaultio EE7YS3AJ It's a racing game.
  9. ERROR! A.D. 2053 BGM (The Geminja Hideout) By: ClassicGaminer DE4AEBD It's just an MML song using 4 basic instruments from SmileBASIC: Orchestra, Choir (Aahs), Seasho...
  10. ERROR! UTF-8 converter By: 12Me21 'Convert UCS-2 string to UTF-8 byte array DEF UTF8(TEXT$) DIM BYTES%[0] VAR I% FOR I%=0 TO LE...
  11. ERROR! Default Sprite/BG GRPs By: 12Me21
  12. ERROR! Default Sprite/BG/Font/Font16 GRPs for WiiU SmileBASIC By: ChangeV Same BG as 3DS version New logo sprite for SmileBASIC BIG!! 8x8 font same as 3DS version (f...
  13. ERROR! Controlling Sub-Pixels By: 12Me21 ok so you have two options here: 1: Use only graphics: DEF GSPSET X#,Y#,S# GPSET X#,Y#/3,GSPOI...
  14. ERROR! Rock, Paper, Scissors By: zagg2000 KE3NY3GJ Its a little multiplyer programe i made in 5 hours. Tell me what i should add to this, and i'll...
  15. ERROR! Save File Editor By: Micalobia KSNEY3Z4 Tired of designing ways to save game data? Look no more!
  16. ERROR! The Evil Skeleton Overlord Battle Simulator 2017 By: Perska PKA3NPKP some red hair guy vs spook skeleton. who wins will shock you
  17. ERROR! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA# Compiler By: 12Me21 Q33JSX9D A language created specifically to exploit a loophole in the contest rules Identical to SB excep...
  18. ERROR! Calculator By: 12Me21 QKEX1X93 It's a calculator
  19. ERROR! Smart Calulator (Included with Chris!co Computer) By: Chrismslist 9K4NVP41 This is a great caulator made by chrismslist that comes included in the Chris!Co computer! Downl...
  20. ERROR! Fake Error By: CodyMKW V3KNXJLX I was bored and just made a fake fatal error for fun :P
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