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  1. ERROR! R-OS V, The Best OS in SBS By: RGamesOffical X3KKN3CP A brand new Mock OS by RGames. The Best there is. Now with movable windows.
  2. ERROR! GGLib By: PetrifiedLasagna 9K3KQPKF General Geometry Library
  3. ERROR! Conway's Game Of Life - 3DS Edition By: Minxrod QR2PS3SD It's the Game of Life, on 3DS! Beware of... LAG!
  4. ERROR! Particles/rain/cloud effects demo By: SwanBot S3T4NKKE A small engine for generating effects such as Rain, particles and clouds
  5. ERROR! atmOS By: atm959 433J5XA3 atmOS is a neat OS that people should try out! It has the ability to be programmed for! Very neat!
  6. ERROR! Simple RPG Fighter By: UltraPhoenix4 QDAP3E4D A simple RPG for your lazy needs
  7. ERROR! Cookie Clicker SB Prototype By: Guzzler 43NXC3HV I tried making Cookie Clicker... It turned out alright. What did not turn out is how much the...
  8. ERROR! SPHITSP/RC and SPCOL(VEC) tutorial By: 12Me21 SPCOLVEC is pretty nice I guess
  9. ERROR! Would you rather V.1.0.0 By: KingCo 4RN5J3FD A not very fun version of "Would you rather" in SmileBASIC!
  10. ERROR! Basic Calculator (moved) By: Nathaniel (KJDQQ3A4) Just a simple calculator.
  11. ERROR! Blow Balloon By: SamKitsune Q3K3Q4D6 The title says it all! Just blow the mic and watch the balloon grows! I have made a mic-contro...
  12. ERROR! RGEN By: JohnCorby 73ANN3KP I might actually update this or improve it somehow. I don't know exactly how, but it's a possibi...
  13. ERROR! Thief Life Teaser Demo By: Z_E_R_O NKSKEDH6 Thief Life : Play as a chibi-Robber Destined to rob small apartments to alien ships. As the Ra...
  14. ERROR! Grayscale By: NateDogg1232 CE3NV3DJ This is my entry into to color programming contest, but it's more of an absence of color. This...
  15. ERROR! ASCII Art \ Mazefated (RPG) [Alpha build] By: SP_Sour CK28E54M Combo package of a text art program and a small maze RPG.
  16. ERROR! The legend of sion By: Komodo 4DSX24VD No despite the name this is not a tloz clone.This is a demo to a turn based rpg I am making. Hop...
  17. ERROR! Multiplayer Chat By: 12Me21 N3K42XXD Local multiplayer chat. Uses a custom INPUT replacement function (99% identical to LINPUT), so t...
  18. ERROR! Simple Bullet Tutorial By: randomous How to make a simple game with bullets.
  19. ERROR! Paper Minecraft By: Eversky_HD VRV3S394 Paper Minecraft is Minecraft in 2D. Apart from the bugs and mistakes, it works very well. The co...
  20. ERROR! Enemy Movement Done Right By: Guzzler Enemy movement with trig
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