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  1. ERROR! Josh S Engine By: JoshingWithYa Y3A33XZP This tool, when it's fully completed, will allow developers to create games without the need to...
  2. ERROR! Project Amoeba_build1 By: PixelStudio 42WE3VKV *Amature coding* What happens when your an Amoeba in a dieing world filled with a deadly virus?...
  3. ERROR! WORM2B.BAT By: MYCRAFTisbest QK2P3XGD It's malware!
  4. ERROR! Nose Picker 3D By: PetitProfessor EKE4NKAE A simple game I made for this tutorial: http://petitprofessor.angelfire.com/NosePicker-2.html
  5. ERROR! LaserSpace v2.0 By: AInvesioner Z5WXEN4E A epic space shooter. V1.0 Key- TA3XQ3G4 V1.5 Key- DDVEV8NV V2.0 Key- Z5WXEN4E
  6. ERROR! Hangman By: blizord BBEXEW8V Hangman because why not. Enjoy.
  7. ERROR! Alpha By: HTV04 EDNEQ3N4 An open source terminal for SmileBASIC.
  8. ERROR! Figuring out malicious *JS scripts By: MasterR3C0RD So you want to get some amazing SiteJS scripts. One person says they wrote a super small script...
  9. ERROR! Rock Paper Scissors! By: KingCo 4RY5PXF3 This is a simple "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game, nothing special. I'm sure there are better versio...
  10. ERROR! Fidget Spinner By: Flashlight LJ3VW3QJ Waste of time
  11. ERROR! List of Sound Effects By: implied_strength List of BEEP sound effects in SmileBASIC with preview
  12. ERROR! FOLDER Library + other stuff By: banana T2NQX3Z4 A library that can create "foldersª (they are actually dictionaries) and provides an structured...
  13. ERROR! TXTeditor (DEMO) By: MZ952 KXEYS3JJ Demonstration code editor. This code editor means to employ features into a code editor which th...
  14. ERROR! The ON command By: RaichuBender It's like using switch-statements, but with its limits.
  15. ERROR! Ivrit keyboard thing... By: ahavasandwich RK3K46D This program was made to make typing in languages that don't exist in SB and are read in the opp...
  16. ERROR! Lemonade Stand By: mezim JKS333KY Simon-like game repeat random patterns of buttons to improve score
  17. ERROR! Simple RPG Fighter By: UltraPhoenix4 QDAP3E4D A simple RPG for your lazy needs
  18. ERROR! Cookie Clicker SB Prototype By: Guzzler 43NXC3HV I tried making Cookie Clicker... It turned out alright. What did not turn out is how much the...
  19. ERROR! Horrid Hybrid (SB Port from PTC. Beta version) By: ScottBeebiWan QR2XSEX3 It's a OS thingy. If you're interested, this is the PTC version: http://petitcomputer.wikia.com/...
  20. ERROR! Long WAV player demo By: 12Me21 PK2KYDKS Play high quality WAV files up to 4 minutes long!
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