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Oh boy, the Spring Programming contest is almost over!

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  1. ERROR! Would you rather demo By: KingCo MK233D4M This is a simple quiz-type game. Nothing much else to say about it. But keep in mind that this i...
  2. ERROR! Hold The "A" Button By: HTV04 N3EKXDNY v1.1: Fixed Game and added a catchy tune A simple game where all you have to do is hold the "A"...
  3. ERROR! Would you rather By: KingCo 4RN5J3FD Finally! Version 0.8 of Would you rather is here! In this game, it's actual pretty simple to un...
  4. ERROR! Text Based Casino By: joelable QKXK45JX Play different games (so far, only five games) to get money. But be aware, the games will cost s...
  5. ERROR! PONG By: MZ952 KEDVX34J A Simple PONG game. The difficulty of the game increases as you play.
  6. ERROR! Scrub Game By: TravelerSteve QR2X54X3 My Entry to Color Competition. I started this project with the intent of creating a game, but e...
  7. ERROR! The legend of sion By: Komodo 4DSX24VD No despite the name this is not a tloz clone.This is a demo to a turn based rpg I am making. Hop...
  8. ERROR! Idle Crunch By: Lacks JRNEDWNV Crunch those minerals!
  9. ERROR! (Paper) Airplane Simulator By: ProgrammingChicken CE34A3K4 A (paper) airplane simulator.
  10. ERROR! Long WAV player demo By: 12Me21 PK2KYDKS Play high quality WAV files up to 4 minutes long!
  11. ERROR! Keywall OS By: BlackWidow KDVX5W4V this is my first project its a text-based os where its so easy to use you can teach your grandpa...
  12. ERROR! How To Program #3 - Variables and Math By: randomouscrap Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 3 : Mathematical
  13. ERROR! Enemy Movement Done Right By: Guzzler829 Enemy movement with trig
  14. ERROR! Logical XOR By: 12Me21 !A!=!B
  15. ERROR! Quicktool + By: A2D_apps Q3XPAE83 Assign to the smile button
  16. ERROR! Atomic OS By: Alphadog_Games 4DAXEXWD An OS that suits basic needs
  17. ERROR! Fireworks By: Krondelo 5B3E5N4E Yay! Welcome to 'FireWorks', my first full game! It's a simple arcade style game, I think it's b...
  18. ERROR! Multiplayer Chat By: 12Me21 N3K42XXD Local multiplayer chat. Uses a custom INPUT replacement function (99% identical to LINPUT), so t...
  19. ERROR! Deficient Danmaku Shooter By: Omiwa REJEE6D An incomplete, attempted danmaku shooter.
  20. ERROR! Limit Variable to Range By: 12Me21 variable=MIN(MAX(variable, minimum), maximum)[/b]
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