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Oh boy, the Spring Programming contest is almost over!

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  1. ERROR! Unnamed [megaman battle network clone] By: raimondz QREX5XA3 This is a program that mimic the battle from megaman battle network. It's unfinished and I don'...
  2. ERROR! GGLib By: PetrifiedLasagna 9K3KQPKF General Geometry Library
  3. ERROR! Conway's Game Of Life - 3DS Edition By: Minxrod QR2PS3SD It's the Game of Life, on 3DS! Beware of... LAG!
  4. ERROR! SPHITSP/RC and SPCOL(VEC) tutorial By: 12Me21 SPCOLVEC is pretty nice I guess
  5. ERROR! ETALK - english text to speech By: Mr_Mo 4RN3D33D talk command for english!
  6. ERROR! Blow Balloon By: SamKitsune Q3K3Q4D6 The title says it all! Just blow the mic and watch the balloon grows! I have made a mic-contro...
  7. ERROR! Autz's 'Mode 7' implementation By: Autz64 DE34S3AJ Updated version of my initial implementation. Now has controls and some improvements. Changelog...
  8. ERROR! RGEN By: JohnCorby 73ANN3KP A platformer that has randomly generated maps. Make it to the end to win and move on to another...
  9. ERROR! V360 Grab Bag By: TheV360 E3K3E5CX A bunch of random stuff. Tech demos and development tools! Even a semi-functioning graph calculator
  10. ERROR! IBLUR (Instant Blur!) By: 12Me21 Instantly blur graphics!
  11. ERROR! Beef*ck By: Tgaming NR2PK4RD A language worse than Brainf*ck!
  12. ERROR! Sprint: The Game Library: The Reference By: kldck_hul A Lowerdash library to provide the common framework every game engine should have.
  13. ERROR! Local/Global Variables By: 12Me21 You might have had this problem before: FOR I=0 TO 3 TEST NEXT DEF TEST FOR I=0 TO 7 PRINT...
  14. ERROR! LOTTO (try to win the lotto in your lifetime!) By: Giant_Gamer JKKNNX3Y Can you REALLY win the Lottery in your life time?! Try your hand at 2 fake lotteries based on r...
  15. ERROR! ASCIInaut - Momentum Tests By: BlackDrag0n23 4DAJS3T3 A simple ASCII space based momentum test. Feel free to use it as a base or anything else, with c...
  16. ERROR! Nose Picker 3D By: PetitProfessor EKE4NKAE A simple game I made for this tutorial: http://petitprofessor.angelfire.com/NosePicker-2.html
  17. ERROR! GBEZIER By: ColeslawProductions QRKEAEGD This program contains a DEF block that allows you to use a single line to draw a basic three-poi...
  18. ERROR! GGRADIENT By: ColeslawProductions XRVXENQE A DEF block that will draw a gradient of specified size and colors.
  19. ERROR! Space Game Tutorial 1 - Short, what not to do By: Ionesque 5DW43NKE A simple tutorial program that shows off how to do a crude game, includes sprite collisions, sco...
  20. ERROR! GRP MANAGER By: MYCRAFTisbest 732K4JDY The best GRP management and conversion tool.
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