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  1. ERROR! Getting 3D Slider Value POC By: flarn2006 CXDE33D4 SmileBASIC does not provide any way to read the value of the 3D slider, not that it would be par...
  2. ERROR! My Colors By: PolyEsther C3433XD1 A personality quiz! Based on your answers, you'll be able to see what "color" you are, and what...
  3. ERROR! Starlight 3DS By: Minxrod 4REPBEZD Starlight is a simple game of tapping. Collect falling objects to earn points!
  4. ERROR! Dictionary Library By: 12Me21 4X45D (don't feel like explaining dictionaries right now) Dictionaries are basically like arrays, but...
  5. ERROR! Jumpy thing By: Gaelstrom_Valence KDD43K3V Generally, I'm hoping to have a sidescroller that has satisfying archery, along with platforming...
  6. ERROR! How to use Random's Big Dumb Library: Game Engine By: randomous How to use the Game Engine functionality in Random's Big Dumb Library
  7. ERROR! Oakshire By: blizord WECVY3A4 "An unfinished mess" I worked on this for two days and it isn't close to being finished. It's p...
  8. ERROR! SmileBASIC DOS (SB-DOS) By: NateDogg1232 C3SNQ4JX This OS (I bet you thought the fake OSes were going to stop with PTC. You were wrong) is a purel...
  9. ERROR! Texty By: kldck_hul B233F3GJ Make a Texty Game!
  10. ERROR! the sun By: chicken Q3YDX4S3 It's a game of candy and fun!
  11. ERROR! Space Tunnel By: doctorderp11 4KANYEJY A fun game about avoiding walls!
  12. ERROR! Slot3D By: Archive 43K53XRD Practice makes perfect, but how is your luck? Spin the slots in the ultimate game of chance to f...
  13. ERROR! Color Ninja By: Joshuawl N3SXPXWD Here is my entry for the "color" programming contest. In this game you are a ninja and you have...
  14. ERROR! Arbitrary Precision Calculator w/ Library By: amihart J3A3EEK6 This is an arbitrary precision calculator, essentially meaning it always gives exact numbers. It...
  15. ERROR! How to use SPANIM By: TheV360 A guide for using SPANIM. Goes over basic usage and a few quirks of the command.
  16. ERROR! Wave Game By: Minxrod BR23EN4V Basic game like the wave mode of Geometry Dash
  17. ERROR! Deficient Danmaku Shooter By: Rainstorm REJEE6D An incomplete, attempted danmaku shooter.
  18. ERROR! PTC Ports Volume 1 (Text Games) By: MYCRAFTisbest VSDQS3LJ PTC classics you know (and possibly) love!
  19. ERROR! The VAR command/function By: Mariominer VAR is an essential command and a dynamic function - so you should learn it.
  20. ERROR! Super Adventure By: Perska CK3KEJRY A fun platformer. Can you do a 1 death run? Now with recording capabilities!
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