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Oh boy, the Spring Programming contest is almost over!

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  1. ERROR! Loops By: Super_Defaultio The three different types of loops are: -Goto = Infinte time loop or just to get somewhere in t...
  2. ERROR! Piglatin By: yeti_515 YKS3EXAY no longer do you have to struggle translating English into piglatin!
  3. ERROR! Leave the room By: UltraPhoenix4 X3S3VEAM In this game you are Plugface, and you need to get to the GREEN target at the end of the room to...
  4. ERROR! Using Millisec to create smooth animations By: PetrifiedLasagna Learn how to simulate smooth performance even when things go slow with VSYNC
  5. ERROR! Little Alchemy By: Joshuaham123 NK2XA3G3 Mix elements together!
  6. ERROR! SmileBASIC font By: JustGreat A custom made font based on the SmileBASIC title screen made by a semi-competent sprite artist
  7. ERROR! How To Program #5 - Loops By: randomouscrap Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 5 : Round and Round
  8. ERROR! Local Multiplayer File Sender By: 12Me21 5E7QX3K4 Send TXT,PRG,DAT, and GRP files using local multiplayer!
  9. ERROR! Roguebots (Looking for feedback) By: mystman12 JKS3NEAM A WIP arcade game where you run from office supplies and use pumps to power elevators!
  10. ERROR! Jappon - Version Alpha 2 By: AnswerXOX ZEN3DEQV Jappon, a sandbox game that supports both multiplayer and singleplayer. Currently a WIP. Funner...
  11. ERROR! DEFY3D Pseudo-Texture Test By: ColeslawProductions 1R8EDWHE This program uses a simple 3D rendering algorithm I have made months back, and it uses many indi...
  12. ERROR! Perlin Terrain Generator By: HylianHoundoom 723VX3A4 This randomly generates high quality BG maps that you can use in games and such. This also inclu...
  13. ERROR! Twerking lion simulator By: GoodGameGod VX73A3RJ It's lions, twerking. What more could you want?
  14. ERROR! Celtic knots! By: SquareFingers QK25P4JD Look at a random selection from over 10^250 Celtic knotwork patterns. Different every time!
  15. ERROR! Automatic Code Indenter -- Updated By: 12Me21 DKS8X5D6 Fixes/adds indenting to code
  16. ERROR! Crystal Defenders By: kitesinpowerlines QRX4E3L3 This is a two player, single console game (with single player coming soon-ish). It uses a turn-b...
  17. ERROR! I Hate Function Keys (a game) By: ProgrammingChicken JKX83PKM A game that only uses the function keys.
  18. ERROR! Petit Computer US Sample Programs By: HTV04 2RD4F334 Changelog: v1.2 Added _RUNME_ file Added some programs (I forgot which, but most text-based prog...
  19. ERROR! Timers By: joelable What they do They could be used for many different things. Like if there is a time limit for a g...
  20. ERROR! The Instruction Manual By: joelable A full list of commands and how to use them can be seen here. Also, here is another list, exactl...
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