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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Snowflake's Descent (OSP) By: SpiderLily WDCX83K4 A beautiful snowflake was born, but a menacing heatwave approaches! Global warming threatens to...
  2. ERROR! Seed Journey OSP By: Lumage D3TEN2QV Help a seed cross the sea. Includes fancy visuals!
  3. ERROR! AGAR (agar.io clone) By: _xdbc 43F51EZ3 Grow by eating orbs and smaller players, while avoiding barbed orbs and bigger players
  4. ERROR! Five Nights at Ened's (English Page) By: NecroStudios X3A83P8X The English page for a game called Five Nights at Ened's, which was originally made in Spanish.
  5. ERROR! AfterWar (In testing currently) By: ProKuku BDD4VEAE Apocalypse-based Shooter Game
  6. ERROR! Baldi's BASICs By: h267 BBB4VKAE Can you find all 7 lost notebooks and escape school alive?
  7. ERROR! Five Nights at Ened's By: DNX6790 X3A83P8X
  8. ERROR! .Elaysia : The Sacred Skulls. By: Z_E_R_O RYEKEZ3 Play as a young hero Going through a strange place called elaysia. Battling the corrupted anima...
  9. ERROR! Rooms By: Z_E_R_O 4KE83PCY Rooms is another old project I've decided to finish. You scale a large tower in search of the r...
  10. ERROR! Triangle Ball By: builderofthecake 5Z5E83KJ A game about triangles and a ball.
  11. ERROR! Space Rocks By: spaceturtles S2TEV33V Space Rocks is a 2d top-down space sandbox game. Current features: A sprite-based entity rende...
  12. ERROR! Elaysia Ultimate Version 1 By: Z_E_R_O 2R5V23KJ Elaysia ultimate is a prequel to.... ;) It takes place in a land called Elaysia. You can do a...
  13. ERROR! Celestrium 0.93 By: SwanBot B5CXEVKV A game that got 3rd place in the winter 2017 contest and is still being developed.
  14. ERROR! Santa's Christmas Slay Ride - 2015 By: Josiah YK28E5Z6 My first main program I made for Christmas 2015. The name is Santa's Christmas Slay Ride. Sant...
  15. ERROR! Virtual Buffalo (v.1.0.5) By: kantackistan P3T43E3V The most intense "Virtual Pet" ever made!
  16. ERROR! Accelship By: Retrogamer123 4RH5BXHD The program from a tutorial by Matthijs Hollemans for Cocos2D, adapted to work in SmileBASIC wit...
  17. ERROR! Homo Sapeins By: dfrost2 QKH5JXAD raycasting survival
  18. ERROR! Food Splatterhouse [BIG] (BETA) By: Autz64 QDV5DXED The remake of a very insane shooter i made
  19. ERROR! ButtonMasher.SB By: ChaseCZ QDHE5XED A game i made in 2 days
  20. ERROR! Mansion Mystery By: SwanBot NK3NX5G1 2ND place winner of the 2017 Halloween contest
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