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  1. ERROR! Games and Programs List By: randomous A list of programs and download keys from outside the website.
  2. ERROR! Taking Screenshots By: 12Me21 Use Miiverse to take sceenshots.
  3. ERROR! Loading Map files into your programs By: Mariominer Introduction So I noticed that a lot of people have no clue onto how to use the files...
  4. ERROR! An Extensive Tutorial on RPG Movement using Sprite to Map Collision By: randomous Explains how to make basic RPG movement in medium detail
  5. ERROR! Simple Trigonometry for Game Programming (SmileBASIC edition) By: Lumage What's the deal with angles, anyway?
  6. ERROR! How To Program #1 - Introduction By: randomous Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 1: The Big Beginning
  7. ERROR! The ultimate Circle Pad tutorial. By: Sam Want to use the circle pad? Everything is explained here.
  8. ERROR! How to use SmileBASIC File Manager to edit files on a PC. By: Trinitro21 Will hopefully help you correctly create or edit files using SBFM.
  9. ERROR! How to improve your program! By: Sam Hello there! This guide is for people who have already made their program, but want to improve i...
  10. ERROR! Dithering By: 12Me21 Pretend that (for some reason) you want to send this image to SmileBASIC: If you try to convert...
  11. ERROR! FORMAT$ guide By: 12Me21 The FORMAT$() function converts a format string and a list of values into a single string. (Near...
  12. ERROR! How To Program #7 - Number Systems By: randomous Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 7 : How to count
  13. ERROR! IF Statement By: phil_ Description IF statements are a type of conditional, which means that the code is run differentl...
  14. ERROR! Parameter Type Checking By: calc84maniac Function parameters in SmileBASIC are not type-checked - a parameter can have any type, regardle...
  15. ERROR! How To Program #8 - Functions By: randomous Learn how to be a real programmer! - Part 8 : Functionally sound
  16. ERROR! Importing waveforms from a PC to SB By: Perska A tutorial telling you how to import waveforms to SmileBASIC.
  17. ERROR! Pixel art editor with GRP support. By: pirate Aseprite is a great pixel art tool. It doesn't support custom formats yet but we'll be able to...
  18. ERROR! Drawing Ellipses on SmileBASIC By: AnswerXOX DEF ELLIPSE X,Y,SX,SY VAR R,I,R2 FOR I=0TO 360:R2=R R=RAD(I) GLINE X+SX*COS(R),Y+SY*SIN(R)...
  19. ERROR! Basics of Multiplayer #1 By: 16bitcoder Hello. I just wanted to help people with multiplayer on smilebasic if they only have one 3ds or...
  20. ERROR! Label Loops By: chicken Label loop is death soup
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