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  1. ERROR! Cookie Clicker SB Prototype By: Guzzler 43NXC3HV I tried making Cookie Clicker... It turned out alright. What did not turn out is how much the...
  2. ERROR! PetitCity2 By: PetitPocky N2DYE3QJ Urban development game!
  3. ERROR! Puchiko-Robo's Battle (trans) By: LohadL TE3NW3N4 Beat each mini-game mission to fight alien foes and save the world! (Creator: Mage, Trans: LohadL.)
  4. ERROR! Super Adventure By: Perska CK3KEJRY A fun platformer. Can you do a 1 death run? Now with recording capabilities!
  5. ERROR! Square Slider By: EsberntheTryhard R4PP3YD A short puzzle game that I created in my free time for my first project in SmileBASIC. Control t...
  7. ERROR! Simple Multiplayer Demos By: TheV360 5X5QV3NJ A few demos to test multiplayer.
  8. ERROR! Sprint: The Game Library: The Prototype By: kldck_hul 25XS34J Sprint is a game library built in Lowerdash with a component based architecture
  9. ERROR! Optional Arguments for SB! By: phil_ D32N33JY This is a program that allows the user to define multiple functions of the same name with a diff...
  10. ERROR! Escape the Office (trans) By: LohadL DSENV344 First game in the Escape-the-Room genre on SB! Can you escape? (Author: Villit. Trans: LohadL.)
  11. ERROR! SENDFILE By: MYCRAFTisbest EXEXY3Q4 Transfer PRGs, GRPs, DATs, and MORE over local wireless communications!
  12. ERROR! TAKA BGM English By: ElijahPWG EEEQ4334 This is a translated version of TAKA BGM Collection.
  13. ERROR! Simple Stopwatch By: atm959 2R3X734E A Simple Stopwatch.
  14. ERROR! GRP MANAGER By: MYCRAFTisbest 732K4JDY The best GRP management and conversion tool.
  15. ERROR! Encryptor/Decryptor By: 12Me21 4R34P3ED The code: INPUT F$,K$RANDOMIZE 0,LEN(K$)F$="TXT:"+F$T$=LOAD(F$,0)FOR I=0TO-1+LEN(T$)E=ASC(T$[I])...
  16. ERROR! BAS By: SmexyLexyy 7338Q43F A joke program originally made on C# as a test for the ability of the language ported over to Sm...
  17. ERROR! MAL-function By: Thundarr 42KXD3NV Very simple game (think Atari 2600 style) with simple graphics. Robots are on the loose and you...
  18. ERROR! PONG By: MZ952 KEDVX34J A Simple PONG game. The difficulty of the game increases as you play.
  19. ERROR! Simple RPG Fighter By: UltraPhoenix4 QDAP3E4D A simple RPG for your lazy needs
  20. ERROR! Simple Screen Saver By: darwin_prime V4VNW3GJ Simple program that creates random colors and numbers on the screen. Sort of behaves like a simp...
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