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  1. ERROR! HSV() By: ColeslawProductions DX6D A function that converts HSV color space values into a 32-bit RGB integer.
  2. ERROR! HTMLBASIC By: triangle D3EQ43R4 A primitive version of HTML and CSS for SmileBASIC using user-defined functions.
  3. ERROR! HUGE Platformer OSP (moved) By: Nathaniel (KJDQQ3A4) My entry for the Summer Programming Contest.
  4. ERROR! HYPER RUSH By: ToadIsTheBest N3Q32ER3 1.2 is finally out! New temporary Tagline! RIP 1.1 never released.
  5. ERROR! I Hate Function Keys (a game) By: chicken JKX83PKM A game that only uses the function keys.
  6. ERROR! Improved Androi-DS By: SmileForTheKiddies QDH3J37D Potato
  7. ERROR! Improved Chip-8 Emulator By: 12Me21 13V3C24E Play chip-8 games in SmileBASIC
  8. ERROR! In To The Deep By: JINC_DEV 227EVK4V In To The Deep is a simple level up game. You will level up every 2 dives. Levelling up will inc...
  9. ERROR! Infinity Snake By: Waffles_X LJ3E83A4 Dodge and break rocks. Don't get hit on the head.
  10. ERROR! Insult Generator By: bluemonkey1111 Y3S334GS Generate your insults now!
  11. ERROR! Into The Sky 【WIP】 By: CosmicTacoCat KE3VJCY -+-+-+-+ THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS -+-+-+-+ This was more of a learning project for me...
  12. ERROR! Ivrit keyboard thing... By: ahavasandwich RK3K46D This program was made to make typing in languages that don't exist in SB and are read in the opp...
  13. ERROR! Josh S Engine By: JoshingWithYa Y3A33XZP This tool, when it's fully completed, will allow developers to create games without the need to...
  14. ERROR! Josiah's Santa's Christmas "Slay" Ride - prequel - By: hanzo NDNYH3J4 Steal all nukes in the field. The reindeer brothers "Adam" and "Samson" need refueling to contin...
  15. ERROR! JP/US/EU Region detection By: ChangeV VKSKVXGY Recently, SmileBasic is released in Europe. Now, there are 3 different SmileBASICs. JP, US, and...
  16. ERROR! JT-OS (JUPITER-OS) By: Yoshiandjoshi123543 YK48E3CX A OS by JT Games.
  17. ERROR! JUMP By: random_god V3A83E86 NO THIS IS NOT MY CONTEST ENTRY!!!! just a tiny demo. in a pm someone asked me to look at their...
  18. ERROR! Jumpy thing By: Gaelstrom_Valence KDD43K3V Generally, I'm hoping to have a sidescroller that has satisfying archery, along with platforming...
  19. ERROR! K2KPaint By: cookie DD53V3C4 K2KPaint is paint tool.
  20. ERROR! Key Generator By: Mr0R305 7KCV838J Generates a random download key originating from smilebasicsource.com (here.)
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