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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Litterbox - MML Tracker By: glennxserge NDKJR3X3 A proper MML Tracker. Features include: Create and manage projects Restore project from last...
  2. ERROR! Little Alchemy By: Joshuaham123 NK2XA3G3 Mix elements together!
  3. ERROR! Local Multiplayer File Sender By: 12Me21 5E7QX3K4 Send TXT,PRG,DAT, and GRP files using local multiplayer!
  4. ERROR! Lonely Road By: Lacks MKAKN541 Contest Entry
  5. ERROR! Long WAV player demo By: 12Me21 PK2KYDKS Play high quality WAV files up to 4 minutes long!
  6. ERROR! LOTTO (try to win the lotto in your lifetime!) By: Giant_Gamer JKKNNX3Y Can you REALLY win the Lottery in your life time?! Try your hand at 2 fake lotteries based on r...
  7. ERROR! Lowerdash Beta By: kldck_hul N334J313 Lowerdash is an object-oriented language extension for SmileBasic v3.
  8. ERROR! Lowerdash Fire Demo By: kldck_hul 45WEV83E This is a demo built using Lowerdash. This uses the same modules as the ball demo but with a pa...
  9. ERROR! LPM By: kldck_hul YKK8N3DM LPM is a package manager that can quickly copy all the files you need for your new project!
  10. ERROR! Lunar Saviors (trans) By: LohadL D3E8N4AF Critically acclaimed shoot 'em up masterpiece - now in English! Author: Rwiiug / Translator: LohadL
  11. ERROR! Magic 8-Ball By: Autz64 VS7NK3GJ Yet another useless program! This program is an imitation of the magic 8-Ball toy that can answe...
  12. ERROR! Magic Story FULL version (trans) By: LohadL 43Y5BEH3 The grandest dungeon crawl RPG available on SB, full version! Author: Rukaka / Translator: LohadL
  13. ERROR! MAL-function By: Thundarr 42KXD3NV Very simple game (think Atari 2600 style) with simple graphics. Robots are on the loose and you...
  14. ERROR! Mandelbrot Viewer By: MZ952 KED4NWNV Use the directionals and the shoulder buttons to navigate through the Mandelbrot set. Use X to r...
  15. ERROR! Mansion Mystery By: SwanBot NK3NX5G1 2ND place winner of the 2017 Halloween contest
  16. ERROR! MAPED 2 By: Minxrod N3XXR48D It's actually decent this time.
  17. ERROR! Maple-OS By: Mrremrem LZC4H3CJ This program is a semi computer simulator that was made with the help of OS stereotypes--cursors...
  18. ERROR! Mario 7 By: Sam D3KK3PKM « Mario 7? Is that the one I played? Let's check it out »
  19. ERROR! MarioMiner Library By: Mariominer 43EX243D A very useful library that you can use for nearly every program you make.
  20. ERROR! Marquee Color Gradient Tech Demo Thing By: Perska 5KX83JRX A small little pointless color tech demo!
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