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  1. ERROR! Eat! By: MikeModder007 N34KXP9Y Eat! - A simple OSP
  2. ERROR! AfterWar Development test version. By: Picy3 new key November 3rd Testing development version for AfterWar
  3. ERROR! SBS Screen By: chicken WDDQY39J Displays a mockup of a SBS Home Screen.
  4. ERROR! Collision Library By: MZ952 NJDQV394 A library containing several functions which can determine collision between several shapes: lin...
  5. ERROR! Galaxy Fruits By: hanzo 8R34F3DJ Defend the solar system against Space Terrible Fruit Crowd.
  6. ERROR! Rushing Blade Control Mechanic By: JacboyX CJDNF3D4 A test program that explains the automatic movement and dash controls. Still trying to figure ou...
  7. ERROR! Platform 0 By: Beanmaster1 EKEKQE8M A basic platformer.
  8. ERROR! Rock Paper Scissors! By: KingCo 4RY5PXF3 This is a simple "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game, nothing special. I'm sure there are better versio...
  9. ERROR! Cat Simulator By: photonegativemickey N3Q354V3 Just a simple cat simulator Plz Don’t kill me
  11. ERROR! Dash Editor (Candy Dash) By: random_guy NRQ32E8D A geometry dash like game but the texture is candy. Yes, i did copy this from nate, but i took o...
  12. ERROR! Friendly Pellet Rain or something By: raimondz EK2K45N6 This is a clone of the bullet hell system from undertale. The aim of this project is not to rec...
  13. ERROR! MML_Editor By: raimondz 8R3V43D4 This is a program to edit MML and play it on the same screen. It also has some shortcut on the...
  14. ERROR! Slime Vs Ninja By: ChangeV XDR3VV4V This is my entry for the 4th Smile Basic Ogiri contest. Slime Vs Ninja ver 2.0 (I added more stu...
  15. ERROR! petitminer By: chicken K33E5LP the worst version of minecraft you have ever-
  16. ERROR! FidgetSpinner By: Swurffy 525123 my program is basic, just sp spinning lol
  17. ERROR! Explore Man [No "S" Challenge] By: Perska 7RDNS3JJ Explore Man goes on a small adventure without the letter "S"!
  18. ERROR! Escape Prison V.0.2.1 By: KingCo RR5V8394 A text adventure game about a man in prison. Unless if there are any bugs i need/want to fix, t...
  19. ERROR! Random's Big Dumb Library By: randomouscrap DX3EV3R4 A bunch of functions that might be helpful?
  20. ERROR! OSP 3D Pong By: Nathaniel 52CXNEAV Possible entry for OSP Contest.
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