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  1. ERROR! Cave Roller By: blizord A3XJ9P Cave Roller is an arcade roguelike game. You are a ball rolling through a cave and are continual...
  2. ERROR! Christmas Night By: ChaseCZ N3S3X5G6 Santa is in trouble! Save the Christmas!
  3. ERROR! 3D Model Maker By: dfrost2 5R7VQ3JJ Meshes are 3D models to use in your 3D games. Think of any model in a 3D game. These are meshes...
  4. ERROR! Virtual Buffalo By: kantackistan R3LE388E The hardest "Virtual Pet" ever made!
  5. ERROR! HYPER RUSH By: DaSonicMario V3SKEE91 Don't let the name fool you, this game is SLOW
  6. ERROR! Rock Paper Scissors DX By: DaSonicMario DYER433 the greatest rock paper scissors known to man!
  7. ERROR! Trapped By: JINC_DEV RJ7NF3DJ It sucks...
  8. ERROR! Repeat program By: Poolookoo 43852XH3 It repeats follow me IMA snake over and over again PLEASE VOTE FOR ME
  9. ERROR! Accelship By: Retrogamer123 4RH5BXHD The program from a tutorial by Matthijs Hollemans for Cocos2D, adapted to work in SmileBASIC wit...
  10. ERROR! Platformer Map Editor By: SquiVolt 1BR33N4V A map editor for side-scrolling games.
  11. ERROR! ESRB Ratings By: DaSonicMario DN43394 For use in your games
  12. ERROR! Top Touch By: MZ952 4KFDKXYD Use the top screen of your 3ds as a touch screen! Partly inspired by my multitouch endeavor, pa...
  13. ERROR! Device data v1.0 By: Nightmare_DJV5 2DNEQ3D4 Device info for 3ds I’m working on one that will support local play
  14. ERROR! Coolest Game Ever!!!! By: TheCoder501 V3XK33CP Sooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ERROR! _Newbs By: SBIsaac DZC333DJ I am currently making a program called _Newbs. It is an easier way to code with smilebasic with...
  16. ERROR! JUMP By: random_guy V3A83E86 NO THIS IS NOT MY CONTEST ENTRY!!!! just a tiny demo. in a pm someone asked me to look at their...
  17. ERROR! White:THE GAME! By: DaSonicMario KDR4VVKV It’s bad. End of 2017 programming contest entrant Will probably lose
  18. ERROR! Homo Sapeins By: dfrost2 QKH5JXAD raycasting survival
  19. ERROR! 3DS Soft OpenSoftware By: Creepy640 NK3NY4G6 3DS SOFT est un OpenSoftware permettant d'écouter de la musique, jouer à des jeu et plus !!!
  20. ERROR! 3DS Crash Tool By: Creepy640 DRENVQE Ce programme bloque la console et simule un ''Crash''
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