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  1. ERROR! Ralsei's Alchemy By: IAmRalsei 4K2NE5LM A little alchemy inspired game with 20 elements currently and much more features and elements plan-
  2. ERROR! Space Jim By: Perska VJ3XQ3R4 It's time to go to space with Jim in Space Jim!
  3. ERROR! SBAS OS Alpha By: DevinF06 N38DXXLD The SBAS OS Alpha SBAS OS Forum SBAS OS Development
  4. ERROR! "Dance Again" (MML Remix) By: ClassicGaminer QK3NE3LM A progressive trance song I first made in Impulse Tracker in October of 2018 (10/16 - 10/18). Fo...
  5. ERROR! 7*Ris By: A47A47 43E3X49M 7*ris is a Tetris like game and masterpiece of Tetris.
  6. ERROR! Megalovania Music By: VG_Lover 8RDQ23Z4 This is my version of Megalovania, the Undertale song that plays when you fight sans, you can us...
  7. ERROR! Platformerer By: mystman12 Y3ENE491 An unfinished pixel-perfect platformer engine free for anyone to use!
  8. ERROR! The Maze By: ProKuku JEEF3L4 A game full of stress and jump scares!
  9. ERROR! Mining Simulator By: Im_Old_Man X32KEPQ1 This is a game that is inspired by Clayton's game Miner Life.
  10. ERROR! Spooky Tetris By: 12Me21 BZE3Y3G4 A halloween-themed tetris game
  11. ERROR! Baldi's BASICS remake (VR) By: DFrost 432334QP BASICally a cheap version of Baldi's BASIC'S. Does need polishing and additional features. This...
  12. ERROR! The Night 2 By: Tukty 4KYEXXT3 This is the sequel to my game The Night made for the Halloween contest of last year and this is...
  13. ERROR! Pumpkin Swing By: Nathaniel 22T4E8AE A challenging physics-based game about swinging pumpkins.
  14. ERROR! Alpa By: random_god A5B3V8KE (make sure to restart SB before playing, because I don't want custom waves on this) What is alpa...
  15. ERROR! Multifont By: DevinF06 Q3QDEXGD This project shortens text with an advanced library And if you want to add your own font... it'...
  16. ERROR! Virtual Computer 3 By: bluekrill X33N4JG6 A virtual machine programmed in assembly.
  17. ERROR! Text-Scroller By: OChunksHD Q33334H6 This program gives your game's text that highly craved scrolling effect. Making modifications wi...
  18. ERROR! Bouncy Cat By: bigfoot X3E3VEGP A very simple program about bouncing around with a cat.
  19. ERROR! Objective SB By: DFrost XK7EEW3E Making objects in SmileBASIC has never been easier AND faster!
  20. ERROR! Unfinity's 3D Raycast Engine By: UnfinityHD DYE3XC3 Size: 3803 Includes detection of randomly placed squares and circles with random radiuses. Simpl...
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