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  1. ERROR! Crisp Corners By: Xenoslyce 23BEV8NE Your corners will never look better!
  2. ERROR! Exotic Butters (DNX VERSION) By: DNX6790 Yks8n5hf Play Exotic Butters anywere un your 3ds
  3. ERROR! Midori-OS By: Autz64 Y338N4CM Ready to run, ready to build. Scalable mock-OS!
  4. ERROR! Linear Algebra Toolkit By: Simeon WDJ47D Solve linear systems of equations and compute inverses, while also showing your work. This is...
  5. ERROR! PaintTool 「juhsy」Ver211e By: moh6an 4383X4M3 32bit COLOR PaintTOOL ・5 Layer ・HSV/RGBCOLORPicker You Need 「Advanced Sound Processing Unit」(DLC...
  6. ERROR! Minecraft 3DS Edition (SB edition) By: RGamesOffical 4EB4V8QE The game you all know and love on SmileBasic! Now better...
  7. ERROR! one small but very angry boyo By: Warrior Q3E33ECP just maybe not press A
  8. ERROR! TRMAPED BG Editor By: tomrow #1: E5543NQE #2 KFDEXDD This program is a background editor tool that uses standard BG DAT format (use BGLOAD command to...
  9. ERROR! Windows 3DS Cracked By: SmileForTheKiddies XR73384V Cracked, trained, and half-knobbed up by R64. This to kind of show you why not to crack software...
  10. ERROR! minecraftBETA 2.0 By: Heredos YKS3EXGY this is my beta of minecraft on smilebasic please remix him better than me.
  11. ERROR! 5 Years Ago By: Minaboo Z554EEKV Hey, everyone! This is my new game and it’s like my old game “World Man” but with a story and be...
  12. ERROR! <Unfinished> Project 002 By: CyberYoshi64 LR7QV3HJ A modded GAME3JUMP
  13. ERROR! R-OS V, The Best OS in SBS By: RGamesOffical X3KKN3CP A brand new Mock OS by RGames. The Best there is. Now with movable windows.
  14. ERROR! Dot Racer Classic By: HTV04 QKAN4J9X A port of the PTC version of “Dot Racer,” with added features.
  15. ERROR! Map to DATA By: kitesinpowerlines 5KTXN28V If you use the default Smile Tool map editor, you'll know it saves large files. This program aim...
  16. ERROR! Virtual Computer 2 By: bluekrill QDQ5K363 An improved virtual CPU
  17. ERROR! Rio de Julho By: hanzo BD3VF3R4 Rescue the president of the US who was abducted and recapture Air Force One which was hijacked b...
  18. ERROR! Waves By: Makky QKH5KE73 waves blue
  19. ERROR! BASICTALE By: AnswerXOX ZBL4NE8V UNDERTALE-esque fighting engine.
  20. ERROR! English tts engine By: Flashlight 53743eae boom English but lacking thousands of words
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