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  1. ERROR! I Hate Function Keys (a game) By: auceps JKX83PKM A game that only uses the function keys.
  2. ERROR! Shift (DEMO) By: auceps 22VX7V3V The flash game, for SB! (Text-based port)
  3. ERROR! Potato By: Imasheep BBDNK34J potato
  4. ERROR! Random Terrain Generator By: 12Me21 DXEYV3AJ Uses the diamond-square algorithm to generate random terrain.
  5. ERROR! SmileBASIC Simplification Protocol By: Chemicalex DE23EVQE A precompiler from Lua to SmileBASIC
  6. ERROR! Encryptor/Decryptor By: 12Me21 4R34P3ED The code: INPUT F$,K$RANDOMIZE 0,LEN(K$)F$="TXT:"+F$T$=LOAD(F$,0)FOR I=0TO-1+LEN(T$)E=ASC(T$[I])...
  7. ERROR! Seed Journey OSP By: Yttria D3TEN2QV Help a seed cross the sea. Includes fancy visuals!
  8. ERROR! Card By: Sam D32E5VAV Use the power of cards to defeat your opponents. Good luck collecting all of the cards!
  9. ERROR! SmileBASIC Terrain Generator v.Alpha By: MochaProbably QKQD1ECD SmileBASIC Terrain Generator (SBTG) is a simple terrain generator using Simeon's perlin noise im...
  10. ERROR! Game of Life Simulator By: 12Me21 4224DE4E Simulate all variants of Conway's Game of Life.
  11. ERROR! Hoppy By: blizord N335AE13 A arcade platformer type game. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. ERROR! Knight Tour By: Archive 4K2344ZD Knight's Tour is an old chess challenge where you try to land on every square of the board only...
  13. ERROR! Drifters By: hanzo BZ7VV3R4 This is simple racing game with pre-rendering mode7 algorithm.
  14. ERROR! Smile3D Engine (3D Test) By: jamieyello 8ANQV384 This is a rough and dirty port of a 3d engine I made with Trinitro21 back on Petit Computer DSi
  15. ERROR! Tree Of Life [VER 1.1] By: JINC_DEV SKY3H6 UPDATE(VER 1.1): A lot of things have been changed since version 1.0, but here's a list of it al...
  16. ERROR! Brainf*ck Compiler By: phil_ 2KE3384V This is a Brainf*ck to SmileBasic compiler, meaning, it takes Brainf*ck code such as this Hello...
  17. ERROR! 6x8 font pack By: CyberYoshi64 Y323QDQF 6X8 font ext
  18. ERROR! QIX0 By: sin_sin 43S84PD1 A simple prototype of a retro arcade game, called QIX. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q...
  19. ERROR! Don't Touch By: UltraPhoenix4 D323XX3M Please just don't touch.
  20. ERROR! Minecraft Banner Designer By: 12Me21 DVEXEDD Design Minecraft banners.
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