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  1. ERROR! Device data v1.0 By: Nightmare_DJV5 2DNEQ3D4 Device info for 3ds I’m working on one that will support local play
  2. ERROR! TY​PE​OF function new & improved By: DFrost E5BXN33V A random library with the spotlight being TYPEOF
  3. ERROR! Pet Rock By: bluemonkey1111 WZN4Y3L4 Yup, you take care of a rock.
  4. ERROR! Xscreen By: SmileForTheKiddies Q32N4JGF Simple XSCREEN commands.
  5. ERROR! TextStory - Demo By: NecroStudios XKK8NP9S A story of a girl who asked you for a car ride.
  6. ERROR! Petit Finko 3D By: Keego64 5K5EV33V My once work in progress game. For now, I am abandoning this. I am making a new sequel to petit...
  7. ERROR! Crack! Paint 2 By: SkitsyCat_Games BR3QF3KJ It's not really Crack! anymore but it's a modified version of my first Paint so... :-)
  8. ERROR! Battle Simulator (Help Wanted!) By: WalrusMan64 KZ74F3HJ This is my attempt on making an RPG battle. I would appreciate any help i can get to improve the...
  9. ERROR! Sad Snake By: Ertas Y3A8EJHY a very useless program which is copied from SNAKE-DR (Tech demo program) if you have a suggestio...
  10. ERROR! Solid Gunner: JTH (Full Name Pending) BGM: 02 By: HTV04 7R7QQ3AJ One of the BGM for Solid Gunner: JTH.
  11. ERROR! File search By: Flashlight qdq5k3b3 check your file locations
  12. ERROR! TRMAPED BG Editor By: tomrow A25XN8NV This program is a background editor tool that uses standard BG DAT format (use BGLOAD command to...
  13. ERROR! TEST_CALC. By: Intellis VR5333LJ Vous pouvez estimer estimer la puissance de calcul de votre appareil en fonction du temps d'exéc...
  14. ERROR! Atari 2600 Graphics By: Willy YK3NQPH1 This little program I made was a experiment to see what if the graphics of a Atari 2600 will loo...
  15. ERROR! ETCH A SKETCH clone with music By: Willy XK334XH6 Etch a Sketch on a New 3DS with music support :)
  16. ERROR! Simple Button Test By: Creepy640 2353NWHV This is just a program for test your buttons.
  17. ERROR! Basic-DOS By: Ertas 4KHEBXJ3 Basic-DOS What is this? this is a program that is based on Microsoft's DOS (Disk Operating Syst...
  18. ERROR! Loader By: TheCoder501 4RYEAXLD This is a simple program used to run programs when inside a program, such as a mock-os. Please n...
  19. ERROR! pixel cat clicker By: Heredos 4KX8YENM3 more features are to coming, have fun!
  20. ERROR! Traffic Lights By: hanzo QKSK44N6 Cancel and avoid traffic jam with operating traffic lights.
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