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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Rock Paper Scissors DX By: ToadIsTheBest DYER433 the greatest rock paper scissors known to man!
  2. ERROR! Memory tester By: Shelly WZCEE3KJ A program which tests SmileBASIC for any irregular memory locations. Changelog: Version 1: Init...
  3. ERROR! Basic Calculator: SmileBASIC Port By: to4oo4 DW352HE A SmileBasic port of a calculator program I made with Petit Computer and never released. A new u...
  4. ERROR! Guess the Number By: to4oo4 5SC4K3A4 A Guess the Number game. You have 3 chances to guess the correct number; no hints.
  5. ERROR! Eat! By: MikeModder007 N34KXP9Y Eat! - A simple OSP
  6. ERROR! Super clock By: ToadIsTheBest XK2KQXNS SUPER CLOCK aka lame clock
  7. ERROR! A game about SBS By: Autz64 EK43YXLP Small game dedicated to SBS
  8. ERROR! Code Name: PTC3/SBRPG Demo Version By: 3dsdiamond CE3YF3H4 *Now playable on any system in the Nintendo 3DS Family! Its an Pokemon Fan based game with free...
  9. ERROR! Troll April Fools Contest Game By: kibble B5EE7VNV yesssssssss
  10. ERROR! Potato Mashing 2 By: Imasheep YKA8E5LS This is both my osp contest thing and a 2nd game in the potato games. The code screenshot kinda...
  11. ERROR! Pixel Brawl Concept By: JacboyX P573N28V Keep in mind; this is a program that reveals the concept of the game. Feel free to comment about...
  12. ERROR! Print Styling By: joelable 43AN4D3P Loosely based on W3.CSS by W3Schools. You can design "cards" and have them printed on the consol...
  13. ERROR! A2D Chat By: A2D_apps 7KSKVE4S Multiplayer chat by A2D
  14. ERROR! minecraftBETA 2.0 By: Heredos YKS3EXGY this is my beta of minecraft on smilebasic please remix him better than me.
  15. ERROR! 3DRacing 0.11 By: RGamesOffical QKSNY58Y The best racing game on SBS!
  16. ERROR! Freddy Sim By: kibble LSN3S3RJ a small freddy sim project.
  17. ERROR! Windows 3DS Cracked By: SmileForTheKiddies XR73384V Cracked, trained, and half-knobbed up by R64. This to kind of show you why not to crack software...
  18. ERROR! Key Generator By: Mr0R305 7KCV838J Generates a random download key originating from smilebasicsource.com (here.)
  19. ERROR! Endless His By: ToadIsTheBest E3ENEDCP Infinite dialogs saying hi
  20. ERROR! edits-samples By: random_god 7DNN4394 its basically just some of the samples but i edited them to be weirder.
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