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  1. ERROR! Space Mole (SmileBASIC Port) By: snail_ 1DE453HV This is a port of the PTC game Space Mole.
  2. ERROR! TICALC By: Tauren WR7XH394 A port from an old Modula-2 program. It is an expression parser, with my first draft and attempt...
  3. ERROR! Star Shard By: Minxrod CJNNQ394 Enjoy this totally-not-rushed fun game
  4. ERROR! Simple Idea For a Game By: bluemonkey1111 A5733K4E A little idea some programmers should use.
  5. ERROR! RPG Tech Demo By: SquiVolt QRNDPEZ3 A turn-based RPG tech demo.
  6. ERROR! Five Nights at Ened's Plus By: DNX6790 GAME: QRF3A373 DATA: WRNXA3HJ ENGLISH: Welcome to Ened's and his friends Pizza, a quiet pizzeria on the day, but at night ......
  7. ERROR! Exotic Butters (DNX VERSION) By: DNX6790 Yks8n5hf Play Exotic Butters anywere un your 3ds
  8. ERROR! Tourch (Taschenlampe) By: S_DE_Solutions BB54N84E Just a simple program, that turns both screens to white. (Like some Apps on old mobilphones.) --...
  9. ERROR! pixel cat clicker By: Heredos 4KX8YENM3 more features are to coming, have fun!
  10. ERROR! Jump Movin By: Gaelstrom_Valence QKH31XZD My second, marginally refined attempt at making a tile collision dealy. Very much a wip.
  11. ERROR! The Quest By: Alphadog_Games XR847ENV Go on a quest!
  12. ERROR! Calculator and guessing game By: swimgaming C3S833A6 This is a simple Calculator and guessing game program that I decided to make while learning SB....
  13. ERROR! Color Match By: PwnBlck 5EECKQV Miiverse Post A simple concept. Determine whether the coloring matches the writing within the a...
  14. ERROR! Guru Meditation Simulator By: MikeModder007 D2E724E I really like old computers and somehow ended up on a Wikipedia page on screens of death and I t...
  15. ERROR! Starting Out With Lowerdash - Code for Part 5! By: kldck_hul A32EC24V Steal you some object-oriented programming for great good!
  16. ERROR! Age Calculator By: PolyEsther J34NYDKS A program that calculates how old you are: total years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and...
  17. ERROR! Megalovania By: to4oo4 93XKNDKF This plays a resounded version of Megalovania. The MML was made by raimondz.
  18. ERROR! Sprite Dragger By: to4oo4 DK2EDEQE This lets you drag sprites using the touch screen. That's pretty much it. However, you can use c...
  19. ERROR! Sonic Screwdriver By: to4oo4 M348EDJX The Sonic Screwdriver is now in YOUR hands!
  20. ERROR! Calculator By: 12Me21 QKEX1X93 It's a calculator
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