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  1. ERROR! Spawn System By: JohnCorby ERD4ENKV A shooter that uses a spawn system I created. The spawn system has a list of objects that are de...
  2. ERROR! Slime Simulator Remake By: UndergroundClay DXJEE1D A whole new Slime Simulator! It's completely remade with new controls and features! In this game...
  3. ERROR! Basic Calculator: SmileBASIC Port By: to4oo4 DW352HE A SmileBasic port of a calculator program I made with Petit Computer and never released. A new u...
  4. ERROR! Guess the Number By: to4oo4 5SC4K3A4 A Guess the Number game. You have 3 chances to guess the correct number; no hints.
  5. ERROR! edits-samples By: random_guy DL3V8HV its basically just some of the samples but i edited them to be weirder.
  6. ERROR! LISP Evaluator By: banana 4RAPKXT3 A very WIPLISP Evaluator
  7. ERROR! A2D Chat By: A2D_apps 7KSKVE4S Multiplayer chat by A2D
  8. ERROR! FidgetSpinner By: Swurffy 525123 my program is basic, just sp spinning lol
  9. ERROR! picture viewer v7.0 By: cp30rocks 5K2N3J46 A program that lets you view the grp files that you made. You can have up to 24 pictures. I adde...
  10. ERROR! Troll April Fools Contest Game By: kibble B5EE7VNV yesssssssss
  11. ERROR! Phoenix Fish't: Underwater Justice Pre-Demo By: ElzoBro 8XCYY3KJ A game about a lawyer sleeping with the fishes.
  12. ERROR! Key Generator By: Mr0R305 7KCV838J Generates a random download key originating from smilebasicsource.com (here.)
  13. ERROR! Print Styling By: joelable 43AN4D3P Loosely based on W3.CSS by W3Schools. You can design "cards" and have them printed on the consol...
  14. ERROR! Dash Editor (Candy Dash) By: random_guy NRQ32E8D A geometry dash like game but the texture is candy. Yes, i did copy this from nate, but i took o...
  15. ERROR! PetNet By: PetNet 5J5QW3CJ It is a simple program that lets one person develop a graphical page, then send it via MPSEND to...
  16. ERROR! Halloween Games By: DizzyDude XRWEC2KE, L25QW3K4 sorry for the late release •¬•
  17. ERROR! Freddy Sim By: kibble LSN3S3RJ a small freddy sim project.
  18. ERROR! Code Name: PTC3/SBRPG Demo Version By: 3dsdiamond CE3YF3H4 *Now playable on any system in the Nintendo 3DS Family! Its an Pokemon Fan based game with free...
  19. ERROR! brick 3ds By: A2D_apps KE8X7WKE youve been bricked
  20. ERROR! Dorito shoter By: DizzyDude 732845RM Stupid
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