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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Tension - The Text Adventure Engine - NEW UPDATE By: Mr_Mo P3DE38HE TEXT ADVENTURE GAME ENGINE!!! :O
  2. ERROR! Battleship By: MCGamer20000 E3S34XGX Battleship! I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS! :D Currently only playable with 1 system multiplayer Known...
  3. ERROR! Pushups! By: SwanBot BDDXNVAE A fun little OSP I made
  4. ERROR! 6x8 font pack By: CyberYoshi64 Y323QDQF 6X8 font ext
  5. ERROR! Frog Spaz By: spaceturtles no lock It dances. Kind of.
  6. ERROR! Teddy Bear Lottery By: bigfoot Y3XNX3NS This is one of my first programs so keep in mind it will be a very simple program.
  7. ERROR! Squi-Volt Shop By: SquiVolt Y3XN338F All of my projects, in one place! I will update this with more projects.
  8. ERROR! Basic Gyro Controls By: ProKuku 4RVEKEJ3 A simple program that moves a box with the gyro sensors.
  9. ERROR! Galaxy Nommer By: spaceturtles 8DC4Q3KJ Wang-PAKU has awoken from a deep sleep and the only food nearby is the galaxy he slept in! Help...
  10. ERROR! atmOS By: atm959 433J5XA3 atmOS is a neat OS that people should try out! It has the ability to be programmed for! Very neat!
  11. ERROR! Body Toss By: Perska Z2R3VW3V A short and small puzzle platformer!
  12. ERROR! Five Nights at Ened's By: DNX6790 ZD5EVENE Llegó la versión 2.0.5 y aquí están las novedades - He añadido un animatrónico nuevo - Correcci...
  13. ERROR! Nellr Heighboo By: random_guy R7Q23C4 The demo is now complete. Happy halloween! DONT LOOK DOWN THERE IT WILL SPOIL THE WHOLE GAME!!!!...
  14. ERROR! Alpha By: HTV04 EDNEQ3N4 An open source terminal for SmileBASIC.
  15. ERROR! Fake Brick By: Autz64 J338EDDF The most useless program you will ever see. This program will emulate the Blue Screen of Death,...
  16. ERROR! eZSB - Fun Clock Sample! By: ElzoBro XKS8NE46 Fun Clock!
  17. ERROR! OTYAX WINDOW SYSTEM ( INSTRUCTIONS IN ENGLISH) By: Yoshiandjoshi123543 RRNVA384 Based on OTYAX WINDOW SYSTEM but it has been translated to English. Credit to otya 128 for ori...
  18. ERROR! Josh S Engine By: JoshingWithYa Y3A33XZP This tool, when it's fully completed, will allow developers to create games without the need to...
  19. ERROR! (Paper) Airplane Simulator By: chicken CE34A3K4 A (paper) airplane simulator.
  20. ERROR! 3DS Lock By: Creepy640 DRENVQE Bloque la 3DS (rallumer la pour qu'elle fonctionne.) Se programme sert à tester la réaction de l...
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