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  1. ERROR! Etch-A-Sketch By: TravelerSteve 73X8VE4Y This is a drawing program giving the user the ability to draw on both top and bottom screens wit...
  2. ERROR! Clocks By: Guzzler H52EZD A useful clock function
  3. ERROR! Bluekrill's Virtual Computer By: bluekrill DJ7VN3HJ A virtual CPU.
  4. ERROR! Text Adventure Demo By: OctagonalKahn D5243E8E A Basic text adventure demo in SmileBASIC. This is my first program. Feel free to edit, reupload...
  5. ERROR! Text to Morse Code App By: ahavasandwich DK5XN3Z4 This program converts a character string into Morse code. (Thanks to SquareFingers for an integ...
  6. ERROR! Simple Multiplayer Demos By: TheV360 5X5QV3NJ A few demos to test multiplayer.
  7. ERROR! Find the Exit By: seggiepants K2KYJCS Go through ten flights of a cursed building to find the exit. Collect coins to reveal the door....
  8. ERROR! Fifteen Puzzle By: Undubbed 43N3K3ED Just a regular game of 15 tile puzzle where you must place the tiles in numerical order.
  9. ERROR! Bigger maps on SBMAP By: UnderCake KX8E48M A helpful modded SBMAP to make larger maps
  10. ERROR! Unfinity's 3D Raycast Engine By: UnfinityHD DYE3XC3 Size: 3803 Includes detection of randomly placed squares and circles with random radiuses. Simpl...
  11. ERROR! LISP Interpreter By: excel Q3KEK46D A (barely functional) LISP-1 interpreter for SmileBASIC. This is the final version using D. Mene...
  12. ERROR! Dice Simulator By: Guzzler QRXP2E33 A dice simulator!
  13. ERROR! ASTER (ASTEROGUE) By: Giant_Gamer NRYDJ3WD ASTEROGUE is a game where you pilot a yellow spaceship, to combat the UFO invasion. You are pr...
  14. ERROR! ANTI-VIRUS By: EpicMario71 VK38N3QM Is a Anti-virus for nintendo
  15. ERROR! cats By: enrique N3F3P4Z3 this is a plataform and phisics test.
  16. ERROR! Multifont By: DevinF06 Q3QDEXGD This project shortens text with an advanced library And if you want to add your own font... it'...
  17. ERROR! Digital Derby DS By: Archive SDEXE8HE Weave through traffic in this simple but addicting Text Mode road racer!
  18. ERROR! HSV() By: ColeslawProductions DX6D A function that converts HSV color space values into a 32-bit RGB integer.
  19. ERROR! Cat Jump By: Perska YKXKNEZP A pretty simple clone of Squid Jump from Splatoon!
  20. ERROR! Sky Story By: AnswerXOX EKX3EDN1 to be inputted Lol i made an update with no content
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