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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! HSV() By: ColeslawProductions DX6D A function that converts HSV color space values into a 32-bit RGB integer.
  2. ERROR! Cat Jump By: Perska YKXKNEZP A pretty simple clone of Squid Jump from Splatoon!
  3. ERROR! Very Simple Artificial Neural Network By: amihart P3XN45K1 This is an artificial neural network that you can specify a truth table for a 2-bit function wit...
  4. ERROR! Saturation By: NateDogg1232 DVES3Y3 This is my submission to the OSP contest. This program changes the saturation of an image (in...
  5. ERROR! Chatroom By: icyice799999 V473F38J A simple chatroom for possibly up to four players. It has only been tested for up to two players...
  6. ERROR! Infinity Snake By: Waffles_X NK835EED This is my first game that I made on here. This is a game based on reaction.
  7. ERROR! AndroiDS By: A2D_apps 4KY3343D Fanmade version of Android
  8. ERROR! Death or Life By: ChaseCZ KDEYE3DJ This game is about luck, it's similiar to russian roulette if you know what it is. You'll die or...
  9. ERROR! BROWNKEYS.LIB By: chicken VK334EHP An all things displaying text aside from a textbox library.
  10. ERROR! Fidget Spinner By: Flashlight LJ3VW3QJ Waste of time
  11. ERROR! Poke-a-man By: Guzzler KS73K3QJ POKE!!!
  12. ERROR! Alphadog Games Map UI By: Alphadog_Games 4DSJ44XD PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE
  13. ERROR! Button Spam By: Cutbarbacue388 SEE4NNKV My first game so dont murder me. A very simple game about pressing a specific button as fast as...
  14. ERROR! Unnamed [megaman battle network clone] By: raimondz QREX5XA3 This is a program that mimic the battle from megaman battle network. It's unfinished and I don'...
  15. ERROR! GGLib By: PetrifiedLasagna 9K3KQPKF General Geometry Library
  16. ERROR! Conway's Game Of Life - 3DS Edition By: Minxrod QR2PS3SD It's the Game of Life, on 3DS! Beware of... LAG!
  17. ERROR! Blow Balloon By: SamKitsune Q3K3Q4D6 The title says it all! Just blow the mic and watch the balloon grows! I have made a mic-contro...
  18. ERROR! (Paper) Airplane Simulator By: chicken CE34A3K4 A (paper) airplane simulator.
  19. ERROR! PetNet By: PetNet 5J5QW3CJ Version 1.1 Now Available for Download!!! KEY is E2RE3WKE. This is the first version to utilize...
  20. ERROR! RGEN By: JohnCorby 73ANN3KP I might actually update this or improve it somehow. I don't know exactly how, but it's a possibi...
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