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  1. ERROR! Local Multiplayer File Sender By: 12Me21 5E7QX3K4 Send TXT,PRG,DAT, and GRP files using local multiplayer!
  2. ERROR! Roguebots (Looking for feedback) By: mystman12 JKS3NEAM A WIP arcade game where you run from office supplies and use pumps to power elevators!
  3. ERROR! Jappon - Version Alpha 2 By: AnswerXOX ZEN3DEQV Jappon, a sandbox game that supports both multiplayer and singleplayer. Currently a WIP. Funner...
  4. ERROR! DEFY3D Pseudo-Texture Test By: ColeslawProductions 1R8EDWHE This program uses a simple 3D rendering algorithm I have made months back, and it uses many indi...
  5. ERROR! Autz's 'Mode 7' implementation By: Autz64 DE34S3AJ Updated version of my initial implementation. Now has controls and some improvements. Changelog...
  6. ERROR! Twerking lion simulator By: GoodGameGod VX73A3RJ It's lions, twerking. What more could you want?
  7. ERROR! Petit Computer US Sample Programs By: HTV04 2RD4F334 Changelog: v1.2 Added _RUNME_ file Fixed some programs (I forgot which, but most text-based prog...
  8. ERROR! Automatic Code Indenter -- Updated By: 12Me21 DKS8X5D6 Fixes/adds indenting to code
  9. ERROR! Scrub Game By: TravelerSteve QR2X54X3 My Entry to Color Competition. I started this project with the intent of creating a game, but e...
  10. ERROR! Crystal Defenders By: kitesinpowerlines QRX4E3L3 This is a two player, single console game (with single player coming soon-ish). It uses a turn-b...
  12. ERROR! Palabras 2 (Words 2) By: Javo118 4DSJZ3ND It is a Text editor, it is in spanish, but its kinda simple to use.
  13. ERROR! Lasership By: spaceturtles NR4PPEC3 Lasers spaceships customization
  14. ERROR! Space Mole (SmileBASIC Port) By: snail_ 1DE453HV This is a port of the PTC game Space Mole.
  15. ERROR! Home By: Mariominer JKX3N5KX Build a town, build a Home
  16. ERROR! Minesweeper By: MCGamer20000 E3W3NNHV Do I even need to describe this? It's Minesweeper!
  17. ERROR! Idle Crunch 1.0 By: Lacks W273N3DJ Updated from the 70's Era to the 80's Era.
  18. ERROR! MML Instrument Randomizer By: 12Me21 WX7XH3JJ Replaces all the instruments in a MML string with random instruments Update: now uses ALL of the...
  19. ERROR! Galaxy Fruits By: hanzo 8R34F3DJ Defend the solar system against Space Terrible Fruit Crowd.
  20. ERROR! Quine By: SquareFingers YKA34XAX A quine is a program which outputs itself, without using language features like PRGGET$.
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