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  1. ERROR! K2KPaint By: cookie DD53V3C4 K2KPaint is paint tool.
  2. ERROR! Mini Christmas Game By: Nathaniel 2B73VV8E A tiny little platformimg game for Christmas.
  3. ERROR! Bashful's Nightmare By: cujo1992 5DLXNN3V Spooky isometric maze/platformer with adorable protagonist.
  4. ERROR! 3D Landscape Demo By: Nathaniel ZE7EE3AE Yes, I am a genius.
  5. ERROR! DVD Screensaver PORTABLE By: ProKuku 7RNNF3R4 Will it hit the corner!?
  6. ERROR! Chicken Puncher By: UltraPhoenix4 REE4NNQV Have you played Doom 3 before? Did you play Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 (I had to look that up)...
  7. ERROR! Lazy Shadows By: Autz64 N3A8EJQS This is a "tech-demo" i quickly made for the Summer Programming Contest. What it does is to cast...
  8. ERROR! Range Finder v1.0 By: CosmicTacoCat K3K4ENS This program allows you to use you 3DS to find out how far away a place or object is from your c...
  9. ERROR! Simplified Ping-Pong By: hanzo V3K8V5NP This is simplified table tennis game.
  10. ERROR! Block Craft 3D Beta 1.0 By: Im_Old_Man 7JNVV3HJ A Minecraft clone that will be finished within 1000 years. lol
  11. ERROR! Real Snake By: RNGesus SDE458QE A simple remix of the classic game Snake.
  12. ERROR! Cocoa Clicker By: DFrost VDE3F3HJ This clicker game includes somewhat stunning graphics. This game has in-game currency gems.The p...
  13. ERROR! Dungeon By: zodomere B474H3GJ A Roguelike
  14. ERROR! Sadistic Danmaku Shooter By: Midnight 5DREEWKV a game for masochists and people who have serious thrill problems
  15. ERROR! 47PARTY -a Wario Ware like game- By: A47A47 8REXK3ZJ 47PARTY is a Wario Ware like game.
  16. ERROR! 2D Flight Game By: BlasticusSaturn NKEKX4CX It's super unfinished, so you can go off screen, raise and lower your pitch too much, the flak i...
  17. ERROR! Optional Arguments for SB! By: phil_ D32N33JY This is a program that allows the user to define multiple functions of the same name with a diff...
  18. ERROR! Turtle library + Anti-aliased line library By: niconii Q3V3SX6D TURTLE.LIB is a library for drawing turtle graphics, as in the Logo programming language or Pyth...
  19. ERROR! Super Adventure By: Perska CK3KEJRY A fun platformer. Can you do a 1 death run? Now with recording capabilities!
  20. ERROR! Factory RPG By: raimondz P223CEKE Create Maps and play them with tactical rpg mechanics. Changelog:
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