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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! otya window system By: otya128 Q3HE34KD This is a window system for SmileBASIC. "--RUN" is a program loader, run this file. Stacking wi...
  2. ERROR! Windows 3DS (Windows6Mix) By: CyberYoshi64 Q3HEXXJ3 It's an unfinished mock OS for SmileBASIC.
  3. ERROR! Midori-OS By: Autz64 5Z7N33LJ Ready to run, ready to build. Scalable mock-OS!
  4. ERROR! 3DS OS Home Edition By: andritolion RDVEDEHE Begin a new OS... Begin using 3DS OS today!
  5. ERROR! File Search Tool By: 12Me21 N25X338J View and search for files
  6. ERROR! Chris!co Computer 8.5 Beta (PreRelease) By: Chrismslist 4RYDAXSD A Launcher Unlike Any Other... Chris!co Computer is back in version 8.5! This fully functional...
  7. ERROR! ZOS By: Mariominer R25VX3CJ The OS to end all OS's
  8. ERROR! AndroiDS By: A2D_apps 4KY3343D Fanmade version of Android
  9. ERROR! CMD By: triangle QRA3J413 A command prompt/terminal-esque thing with support for installing custom commands. It's programm...
  10. ERROR! SmileBASIC DOS (SB-DOS) By: NateDogg1232 C3SNQ4JX This OS (I bet you thought the fake OSes were going to stop with PTC. You were wrong) is a purel...
  11. ERROR! NOS for 3DS By: LAX18 43N3J3J3 A better OS with a modern interface
  12. ERROR! Bluekrill's Virtual Computer By: bluekrill DJ7VN3HJ A virtual CPU.
  13. ERROR! JT-OS (JUPITER-OS) By: Yoshiandjoshi123543 YK48E3CX A OS by JT Games.
  14. ERROR! atmOS By: atm959 433J5XA3 atmOS is a neat OS that people should try out! It has the ability to be programmed for! Very neat!
  15. ERROR! Simon's Operating System! By: simonc100 VSDYX344 S.O.S! or Simon's Operating System Is a simple program meant to list and run programs... (I like...
  16. ERROR! SBAS OS Alpha By: DevinF06 NRD4Y3GJ The SBAS OS Alpha SBAS OS Forum SBAS OS Development
  17. ERROR! OTYAX WINDOW SYSTEM ( INSTRUCTIONS IN ENGLISH) By: Yoshiandjoshi123543 RRNVA384 Based on OTYAX WINDOW SYSTEM but it has been changed to English.(except from one of the functio...
  18. ERROR! Maple-OS By: Mrremrem LZC4H3CJ This program is a semi computer simulator that was made with the help of OS stereotypes--cursors...
  19. ERROR! Atomic OS By: Alphadog_Games 4DAXEXWD An OS that suits basic needs
  20. ERROR! Ez-Launcher By: Xenoslyce YK3NV3L1 Ez-Launcher is a command terminal and a pet project of mine I've been working on to get a better...
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