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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Particles/rain/cloud effects demo By: SwanBot S3T4NKKE A small engine for generating effects such as Rain, particles and clouds
  2. ERROR! Squi-Volt Shop By: SquiVolt Y3XN338F All of my projects, in one place! I will update this with more projects.
  3. ERROR! Graphics Engine By: dfrost2 4K38X4QX This project has higher - speed rendering of triangle (EDIT): just noticed it doesn't render all...
  4. ERROR! Super clock By: ToadIsTheBest XK2KQXNS SUPER CLOCK aka lame clock
  5. ERROR! SmileBASIC Obfuscator By: Simeon NKW5E3JD Automate SmileBASIC code through a variety of options.
  6. ERROR! Xscreen By: SmileForTheKiddies Q32N4JGF Simple XSCREEN commands.
  7. ERROR! Random Program Collection By: Warrior None In the works.
  8. ERROR! Chris!co Computer 8.5 Beta (PreRelease) By: Chrismslist 4RYDAXSD A Launcher Unlike Any Other... Chris!co Computer is back in version 8.5! This fully functional...
  9. ERROR! Basic Calculator (moved) By: Nathaniel (KJDQQ3A4) Just a simple calculator.
  10. ERROR! Bigger maps on SBMAP By: SwanBot KX8E48M A helpful modded SBMAP to make larger maps
  11. ERROR! Math Compiler By: ninjagnu 8RNQ23CJ Compiles simple semicolon separated math expressions like this one, 1+1;into stack based SmileBA...
  12. ERROR! Brizobst's PTC MML Collection By: HTV04 DJVVW394 If you were a Petit Computer user, you probably remembered Brizobst's MML. You probably even use...
  13. ERROR! PetNet By: Shelly 5J5QW3CJ Version 1.1 Now Available for Download!!! KEY is E2RE3WKE. This is the first version to utilize...
  14. ERROR! 3DS Soft OpenSoftware By: Creepy640 NK3NY4G6 3DS SOFT est un OpenSoftware permettant d'écouter de la musique, jouer à des jeu et plus !!!
  15. ERROR! paint By: EpicMario71 EKSK44HF
  16. ERROR! JP/US/EU Region detection By: ChangeV VKSKVXGY Recently, SmileBasic is released in Europe. Now, there are 3 different SmileBASICs. JP, US, and...
  17. ERROR! AndroiDS By: A2D_apps 4KY3343D Fanmade version of Android
  18. ERROR! Alpha By: HTV04 EDNEQ3N4 An open source terminal for SmileBASIC.
  19. ERROR! Simple Alarm clock By: Imasheep DWEZEWD Just a simple program no the key is NOT fake
  20. ERROR! Petit Computer US Sample Programs By: HTV04 2RD4F334 Changelog: v1.2 Added _RUNME_ file Fixed some programs (I forgot which, but most text-based prog...
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