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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Xscreen By: SmileForTheKiddies Q32N4JGF Simple XSCREEN commands.
  2. ERROR! Tool Collection By: to4oo4 VX5QA3A4 A collection of some simple ease-of-access programs I made.
  3. ERROR! paint By: EpicMario71 EKSK44HF
  4. ERROR! MEANANDMAD By: UnfinityHD 8EEXV3Q4 A simple program I made, mainly for myself, which will find the mean and MAD(mean absolute devia...
  5. ERROR! BGM Player By: to4oo4 RXJ23PD Self-explanatory.
  6. ERROR! A.D. 2053 BGM (The Geminja Hideout) By: ClassicGaminer DE4AEBD It's just an MML song using 4 basic instruments from SmileBASIC: Orchestra, Choir (Aahs), Seasho...
  7. ERROR! Solid Gunner: JTH (Full Name Pending) BGM: 02 By: HTV04 7R7QQ3AJ One of the BGM for Solid Gunner: JTH.
  8. ERROR! File search By: Flashlight qdq5k3b3 check your file locations
  9. ERROR! R-OS V, The Best OS in SBS By: RGamesOffical X3KKN3CP A brand new Mock OS by RGames. The Best there is. Now with movable windows.
  10. ERROR! Basic Calculator: SmileBASIC Port By: to4oo4 DW352HE A SmileBasic port of a calculator program I made with Petit Computer and never released. A new u...
  11. ERROR! Sonic By: SmileForTheKiddies A37XN84E Was going to be 1 program, but there's a lot more. You're welcome
  12. ERROR! Super clock By: IAmRalsei XK2KQXNS SUPER CLOCK aka lame clock
  13. ERROR! brick 3ds By: A2D_apps KE8X7WKE youve been bricked
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