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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Celeste edit (Read Download instructions) By: superpowers04 BP54V3NJ Celeste
  3. ERROR! Epid By: random_god 2R7Q33GJ A very epid (bad joke) game whare you shoot stuff and level up!
  4. ERROR! Desert Bus By: Vakore 5p54w3qj Now on smileBASIC!
  5. ERROR! Super bomber blast (CANCELLED) By: Tarudahat 43WXPEQ3 A demo of Super bomber blast WIP Not done!!!
  6. ERROR! Untextured Raycaster(fixed) By: Vakore 53K84XGS Raycaster
  7. ERROR! A game about buttons. By: the_squat1115 4DVPP34D This is NOT worth your time.
  8. ERROR! Fit in By: ChaseCZ R1E423QJ Wanna play Pose Mii Plus on your 3DS WITHOUT GYRO CONTROLS?! PLAY THIS SUPER GREAT GAME NOW!!!
  9. ERROR! THE_VAPOR_ZONE By: LeminWedj QDNDK4DD Step inside and chill out forever.
  10. ERROR! Funky By: Splam 4d8xxe43 Its funky.
  11. ERROR! Music Ninja (WIP) By: Aang__ C3E3XDCX A classic dungeon crawler game with a twist, use instruments, metronomes, and a lantern to defea...
  12. ERROR! BASICTALE By: AnswerXOX 4KA83XC1 UNDERTALE-esque fighting engine.
  13. ERROR! Platformer ball [WIP] By: Heredos 21ENV3N4 A platformer only using the graphics Nos with fixed moving platforms! I've tried to make it a m...
  14. ERROR! Key Flip Game By: AnswerXOX 53K8QJ9Y This is basically a failed OSP that I did like forever ago, but I still enjoy the result. I upda...
  15. ERROR! Forest By: AnswerXOX 43VPP3W3 When I was making a song, I wanted to make a forest demo that was like the old games I used to m...
  16. ERROR! Dropper By: Vakore 8XPEND Dropper is a simple super-hexagon-inspired game where you drop down a pit for all of eternity an...
  17. ERROR! ASCII Platformer for SmileBASIC 4 By: HTV04 4EKX51F Joelable’s ASCII Platformer, ported to SmileBASIC 4!
  18. ERROR! Shortcuts By: Stefano_Lassandro DB5VE34J A simple and funny arcade game. Completely made up of text. In game lengauge:English. Program co...
  19. ERROR! Propulsion By: Nathaniel NKN54EVD Winner of the 2017 spring programming contest.
  20. ERROR! Borderless By: Nathaniel A3L4NVQV My submission for the programming contest.
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