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  1. ERROR! Q-Sim Quantum Computer By: amihart QK28V3NX Q-Sim is a simulator for a 5-qubit quantum computer, based heavily off of IBM's QX. It supports...
  2. ERROR! Pet Rock By: bluemonkey1111 KBB33KAV It's a simulation game... with a rock. You can pick a rock. You can "feed" a rock. You can wash...
  3. ERROR! Lumage Dating Sim By: chicken 455X32QE Plant action ;)
  4. ERROR! SIM.3D By: Simeon KF5J3B3 A lightweight yet powerful 3D game engine
  5. ERROR! ANTI-VIRUS By: EpicMario71 VK38N3QM Is a Anti-virus for nintendo
  6. ERROR! Infinity Snake By: Waffles_X LJ3E83A4 This is my first game that I made on here. This is a game based on reaction.
  7. ERROR! Rooms Test Demo By: Z_E_R_O 4K23V3LF Rooms is another old project I've decided to finish. You scale a large tower in search of the r...
  8. ERROR! Ghoul Tracker By: Z_E_R_O E2BXN24V This is just a test. I hope you like the story. I love the music used. If its yours please cl...
  9. ERROR! NDWK8F By: Minxrod NDF3E313 A collection of the same game as it changed over time.
  10. ERROR! Virtual Buffalo By: kantackistan D85J3B3 The hardest "Virtual Pet" ever made!
  11. ERROR! Stock Sim By: LAX18 KB432NV A (somewhat) realistic stock simulator
  12. ERROR! Rafflesia Rainforest (v.0.1) By: random_guy N3W3337D an early early version for a game that will be similar to animal crossing To be added: diagonal...
  13. ERROR! AfterWar Development test version. By: SwanBot BDD4VEAE Testing development version for AfterWar
  14. ERROR! Mansion Mystery By: SwanBot NK3NX5G1 2ND place winner of the 2017 Halloween contest
  15. ERROR! Celestrium 0.93 By: SwanBot B5CXEVKV A game that got 3rd place in the winter 2017 contest and is still being developed.
  16. ERROR! Pushups! By: SwanBot BDDXNVAE A fun little OSP I made
  17. ERROR! 3D Parkour By: Simeon KX8XEGS A massive 3D platforming game.
  19. ERROR! Lights Out (QSP) By: 12Me21 none
  20. ERROR! CAR(Beta Version 1.0) By: Guzzler 43Y5P31D Speedy coin collecting fun!
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