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  1. ERROR! <Unfinished> Project 002 By: CyberYoshi64 LR7QV3HJ A modded GAME3JUMP
  2. ERROR! Jumpball By: ran4erep Y33KNX9M This is a simple run game with default graphics and sound Updated to demo build 1.4! What's ne...
  3. ERROR! Bouncy Cat By: bigfoot X3E3VEGP A very simple program about bouncing around with a cat.
  4. ERROR! snail_ Grab Bag By: snail_ X328EDQ1 A folder of nonsense!
  5. ERROR! Ye olde Programs [My old stuff] By: ToadIsTheBest A574NN4E A buncha old stuff
  6. ERROR! Rio de Julho By: hanzo EDD3E3GJ Rescue the president of the US who was abducted and recapture Air Force One which was hijacked b...
  7. ERROR! Exotic Butters (DNX VERSION) By: DNX6790 Yks8n5hf Play Exotic Butters anywere un your 3ds
  8. ERROR! Minecraft 3DS Edition (SB edition) By: RGamesOffical 4EB4V8QE The game you all know and love on SmileBasic! Now better...
  9. ERROR! 3DRacing 0.11 By: RGamesOffical QKSNY58Y The best racing game on SBS!
  10. ERROR! one small but very angry boyo By: MochaProbably Q3E33ECP just maybe not press A
  11. ERROR! NihonQuest By: Sam 2RD4S3RJ Learn Japanese more efficiently with NihonQuest!
  12. ERROR! minecraftBETA 2.0 By: Heredos YKS3EXGY this is my beta of minecraft on smilebasic please remix him better than me.
  13. ERROR! 5 Years Ago By: Minaboo Z554EEKV Hey, everyone! This is my new game and it’s like my old game “World Man” but with a story and be...
  14. ERROR! Flappy bird By: thatguy QRQESEDD A flappy bird clone. The code is very easy to understand and therefore it's noob friendly. The c...
  15. ERROR! Pixel Brawl Concept By: JacboyX P573N28V Keep in mind; this is a program that reveals the concept of the game. Feel free to comment about...
  16. ERROR! Dot Racer Classic By: HTV04 QKAN4J9X A port of the PTC version of “Dot Racer,” with added features.
  17. ERROR! AfterWar (In testing currently) By: ProKuku BDD4VEAE Apocalypse-based Shooter Game
  18. ERROR! Virtual Buffalo By: kantackistan P3T43E3V The most intense "Virtual Pet" ever made!
  19. ERROR! Five Nights at Ened's (English Page) By: NecroStudios ZD5EVENE The English page for a game called Five Nights at Ened's, which was originally made in Spanish.
  20. ERROR! A Game Totally Not Worth Your Time By: ChaseCZ KDEYE3DJ This game is about luck, it's similiar to russian roulette if you know what it is. You'll die or...
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