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  1. ERROR! Basic-DOS By: Ertas PDBXV8NE Basic-DOS What is this? this is a program that is based on Microsoft's DOS (Disk Operating Syst...
  2. ERROR! Smilebasic Store By: LinkCraft02 BDCX83ZJ A list of programms on this website right now there are 40 programs but this is only the first v...
  3. ERROR! Stock market sim By: LinkCraft02 EKT3NW8E Crapy stock game
  4. ERROR! THE_VAPOR_ZONE By: LeminWedj PETXEN4V Welcome to the Vapor Zone.
  5. ERROR! BOXTEST By: LeminWedj 4DH3R4R3 An experimental platformer made as my first real project.
  6. ERROR! GRND By: LeminWedj CDEF3A4 Very simple and stupid program that randomly draws lines and shapes of various types at incredib...
  7. ERROR! DEATH SCYTHE By: TaruDev RN3R4GD A game where you need to survive from two demons with scythes Fun , my First game , DEMO...
  8. ERROR! Mini Christmas Game By: Nathaniel 2B73VV8E A tiny little platformimg game for Christmas.
  9. ERROR! SpikeAvoider By: TotesSwiss KEBENVKE
  10. ERROR! Loopover By: 12Me21 AD53NWKE A port of Loopover by carykh [url=https://youtu.be/95rtiz-V2zM]https://youtu.be/95rtiz-V2zM[/url...
  11. ERROR! 47PARTY -a Wario Ware like game- By: A47A47 8REXK3ZJ 47PARTY is a Wario Ware like game.
  12. ERROR! 4+7 -a Threes! like game- By: A47A47 XDYY3GJ 4+7 is a Threes! like game and a easy puzzle game.
  13. ERROR! cats By: enrique N3F3P4Z3 this is a plataform and phisics test.
  14. ERROR! Please, stop. By: kenchic 8JDYA3GJ A balloon rises above a small reality.
  15. ERROR! Ralsei's Alchemy By: IAmRalsei 4K2NE5LM A little alchemy inspired game with 20 elements currently and much more features and elements plan-
  16. ERROR! Space Jim By: Perska VJ3XQ3R4 It's time to go to space with Jim in Space Jim!
  17. ERROR! 7*Ris -a Tetris like game- By: A47A47 B4ENF3R4 7*Ris is a Tetris like game and masterpiece of Tetris.
  18. ERROR! Megalovania Music By: VG_Lover 8RDQ23Z4 This is my version of Megalovania, the Undertale song that plays when you fight sans, you can us...
  19. ERROR! The Maze By: ProKuku JEEF3L4 A game full of stress and jump scares!
  20. ERROR! Mining Simulator By: Im_Old_Man X32KEPQ1 This is a game that is inspired by Clayton's game Miner Life.
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