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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Traffic Lights By: hanzo QKSK44N6 Cancel and avoid traffic jam with operating traffic lights.
  2. ERROR! Blockcraft 3D New 3DS By: Im_Old_Man 4K4N34CM New 3DS version of Blockcraft 3D This is more of a test with MODE7 to see how far I can push th...
  3. ERROR! Solid Gunner Complete By: HTV04 TZCEQ3R4 A modification of Solid Gunner that adds new options and features!
  4. ERROR! SMM (SUPER MONEY MAKER) By: Tarudahat Pls read Instructions A money making game very simple
  5. ERROR! pixel cat clicker By: Heredos 4KX8YENM3 more features are to coming, have fun!
  6. ERROR! DVD Screensaver PORTABLE By: ProKuku 7RNNF3R4 Will it hit the corner!?
  7. ERROR! SmileBASIC store ver 1.0.0 By: LinkCraft02 BD5XV8KV Store for smileBASIC
  8. ERROR! Total War for プチコン/Smilebasic By: GamerCymreig DR7VX3G4 A Petit Port of Vincent Allain's Total War game!
  9. ERROR! Goblin Hoard By: kitesinpowerlines KR7EA3L4 Goblin Hoard is a dungeon crawl-like game. It is played on a map of 6x6x3 tiles and some aspects...
  10. ERROR! Egg Clicker (proof of concept) By: LeminWedj JV3F3L4 A hastily tossed together clicker game. It’s not good at all, but eventually I may add more. F...
  11. ERROR! Epid By: random_god 2R7Q33GJ A very epid (bad joke) game whare you shoot stuff and level up!
  12. ERROR! GAME4Shooter with 50+ Cheats By: IsaacDev 4KN5A45D Pretty self explanatory, it's just GAME4SHOOTER with some cheats I found. New Version: 1.7.1 Ad...
  13. ERROR! Super bomber blast (demo) By: Tarudahat TRNEK3RJ A demo of Super bomber blast The answer to all bomberman fan's prayers.
  14. ERROR! Village PTC By: MYCRAFTisbest D3B4V8HV The original Village made for Petit Computer running in some form on Smile Basic.
  15. ERROR! Drifters By: hanzo BZ7VV3R4 This is simple racing game with pre-rendering mode7 algorithm.
  16. ERROR! Sonic The Hedgehog SmileBASIC (Demo) By: RGamesOffical 2RCVW3G4 Are you ready for an adventure?
  17. ERROR! Superfight By: Finnow R25XNN4V This is basically just a game where you move on a grid to avoid attacks. Pretty simple to learn...
  18. ERROR! Basic-DOS By: Ertas 4KHEBXJ3 Basic-DOS What is this? this is a program that is based on Microsoft's DOS (Disk Operating Syst...
  19. ERROR! THE_VAPOR_ZONE By: LeminWedj QDNDK4DD Step inside and chill out forever.
  20. ERROR! BOXTEST By: LeminWedj 4DH3R4R3 An experimental platformer made as my first real project.
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