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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! ASCII Platformer for SmileBASIC 4 By: HTV04 4EKX51F Joelable’s ASCII Platformer, ported to SmileBASIC 4!
  2. ERROR! NyanCat for 3DS and Switch By: ChangeV EBDE7K8E one key [EBDE7K8E] works for both 3DS and Switch. It detects system and use different code for 3...
  3. ERROR! Shortcuts By: Stefano_Lassandro 53K33E9Y A simple and funny arcade game. Completely made up of text. In game lengauge:English. Program co...
  4. ERROR! SYS Files (SmileBASIC 3) By: HTV04 E53XA3QJ Default programs from SmileBASIC.
  5. ERROR! Minecraft clone proof of concept By: Sam D3K3X4LS Title.
  6. ERROR! Simple Shooting Tech-Demo By: the_squat1115 C3ENQD8F A simple Shoot 'Em Up Tech-Demo. No A.I. yet, and it has no more than getting score. Based on th...
  7. ERROR! Music Ninja (WIP) By: Aang__ C3E3XDCX A classic dungeon crawler game with a twist, use instruments, metronomes, and a lantern to defea...
  8. ERROR! Platformer ball [WIP] By: Heredos RFJEEHD added moving platforms but it's very buggy. I need help please I've tried to make it a mindstorm...
  9. ERROR! A Persevering Holy Sophistry [OSP] [No Regrets Edition] By: Yttria NDVEA3Z4 東方霊異伝~The Highly Responsive to Prayers but it's a SmileBASIC OSP
  10. ERROR! Sketch (Beta Dev Version) By: trickbrain26 NDN5S453 Sketch is an open world, 2D, minecraft like game. Official Forum: https://smilebasicsource.com/...
  11. ERROR! GnoBoy - Game Boy (Color) Emulator By: Perska D2T3NVHE A Game Boy Color emulator for SmileBASIC
  12. ERROR! Jump Movin By: Gaelstrom_Valence QKH31XZD My second, marginally refined attempt at making a tile collision dealy. Very much a wip.
  13. ERROR! Traffic Lights By: hanzo 1DVK34J Cancel and avoid traffic jam with operating traffic lights.
  14. ERROR! Blockcraft 3D New 3DS By: Im_Old_Man 4K4N34CM New 3DS version of Blockcraft 3D This is more of a test with MODE7 to see how far I can push th...
  15. ERROR! Solid Gunner Complete By: HTV04 73383JLY A modification of Solid Gunner that adds new options and features!
  16. ERROR! Tarudahat's random projects page: current project : Galaxy bots By: Tarudahat EELX5KQE Badly codded but fun (might redo it better if I get 10 up votes )
  17. ERROR! pixel cat clicker By: Heredos 73EKV3NS more features are to coming, have fun!
  18. ERROR! DVD Screensaver PORTABLE By: ProKuku 7RNNF3R4 Will it hit the corner!?
  19. ERROR! SmileBASIC store ver 1.0.0 By: LinkCraft02 BD5XV8KV Store for smileBASIC
  20. ERROR! Total War for プチコン/Smilebasic By: GamerCymreig DR7VX3G4 A Petit Port of Vincent Allain's Total War game!
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