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  1. ERROR! Thief Life Teaser Demo By: Z_E_R_O NKSKEDH6 Thief Life : Play as a chibi-Robber Destined to rob small apartments to alien ships. As the Ra...
  2. ERROR! Potato By: Imasheep NRVYV3JJ potato
  3. ERROR! Smile World Demo By: lilstrubel JERE3W8E Welcome to Smile World! Smile World is a life simulation game where you make and rule your isla...
  4. ERROR! Thumb Crushers OSP By: ProKuku VJNEW3C4 Kills your thumb
  5. ERROR! Celestrium By: Picy3 EK4KVJLP A game that got 3rd place in the winter 2017 contest and is still being developed.
  6. ERROR! How To Basic Unfinished(Demo) By: ProKuku 12DEVW3V I’ll describe it later, I’m tired.
  7. ERROR! Star Shard By: Minxrod CJNNQ394 Enjoy this totally-not-rushed fun game
  8. ERROR! SNOW By: Celloqueen NKA3YPL1 cello.
  9. ERROR! Color By: Mariominer 7ZC3Q39J Restore color to the world!
  10. ERROR! PictoBlitz By: Sagescript Q3YEB4Q3 A brick-breaking ball game in the spirit of arkanoid and break-out. Clear stages to reveal pixe...
  11. ERROR! A game about SBS By: Autz64 EK43YXLP Small game dedicated to SBS
  12. ERROR! Body Toss By: Perska Z2R3VW3V A short and small puzzle platformer!
  13. ERROR! This Game Does Not Have a Title - II By: 12Me21 EKA3X4H1 Controls: Circle Pad: walk D Pad: select item A: use item B: run Y: punch X: save R + D-pad: mo...
  14. ERROR! a game about closing your 3DS By: ToadIsTheBest 12C3NWQE it's a game about closing your 3DS
  15. ERROR! Hex Circuit By: Nathaniel 8RC4H394 Solve puzzles by rotating tiles, supplying energy to all light bulbs.
  16. ERROR! Snow Battle By: cujo1992 EKA3E4C6 Single player (2D) snowball fighting game.
  17. ERROR! Simple Racing Game By: ninjagnu QDNDSXND A very basic racing game using the default system GRP. It was the first big thing I ever made wi...
  18. ERROR! Old Games By: Nathaniel VKX3EEL1 A compilation of my old games.
  19. ERROR! Santa's Christmas Slay Ride - 2015 By: Josiah YK28E5Z6 My first main program I made for Christmas 2015. The name is Santa's Christmas Slay Ride. Sant...
  20. ERROR! Josiah's Santa's Christmas "Slay" Ride - prequel - By: hanzo 53R3EWNE Steal all nukes in the field. The reindeer brothers "Adam" and "Samson" need refueling to contin...
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