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  1. ERROR! Simplified Ping-Pong By: hanzo V3K8V5NP This is simplified table tennis game.
  2. ERROR! Frog Guy By: calc84maniac 5D7X33N4 OSP Contest Winner.
  3. ERROR! Real Snake By: RNGesus SDE458QE A simple remix of the classic game Snake.
  4. ERROR! Dungeon By: zodomere B474H3GJ A Roguelike
  5. ERROR! Sadistic Danmaku Shooter By: Amoura 5DREEWKV a game for masochists and people who have serious thrill problems
  6. ERROR! 2D Flight Game By: BlasticusSaturn NKEKX4CX It's super unfinished, so you can go off screen, raise and lower your pitch too much, the flak i...
  7. ERROR! Factory RPG By: raimondz P223CEKE Create Maps and play them with tactical rpg mechanics. Changelog:
  8. ERROR! Shoeglue By: Perska Q3XEKXGD The platformer where you can't jump has a new platform: SmileBASIC v3!
  9. ERROR! Spooky Boss Fight By: Josiah CJDV43C4 My Halloween/Horror Programming Contest entry This is an unfinished project I started for the c...
  10. ERROR! AGAR (agar.io clone) By: _xdbc 43F51EZ3 Grow by eating orbs and smaller players, while avoiding barbed orbs and bigger players
  11. ERROR! Pasta Simulator 2018 By: Perska V27E33L4 The Official Sequel to Spaghetti Simulator!
  12. ERROR! Nomadic demo By: MZ952 X33N338S Welcome to a project I've planned on fleshing out for several years but couldn't due to my lack...
  13. ERROR! Puchiko-Robo's Battle (trans) By: LohadL TE3NW3N4 Beat each mini-game mission to fight alien foes and save the world! (Creator: Mage, Trans: LohadL.)
  14. ERROR! 3D Haunted House By: OriginStudios S2C4NV4V Sorry I don't have much info. Just try it. Use the d-pad to move and L+R to rotate. Good luck!
  15. ERROR! Bashful's Nightmare By: cujo1992 5DLXNN3V Spooky isometric maze/platformer with adorable protagonist.
  16. ERROR! Jumpball By: ran4erep Y33KNX9M This is a simple run game with default graphics and sound Updated to demo build 1.4! What's ne...
  17. ERROR! Square Slider By: EsberntheTryhard R4PP3YD A short puzzle game that I created in my free time for my first project in SmileBASIC. Control t...
  18. ERROR! Safecrack 1.2 By: brennfett KZE4239J Safecrack 1.2 English and german versions now. Choose difficulty, Try to find out the code numbe...
  19. ERROR! TLS_102 By: joelable NKAPBES3 A survival shooter game, in which you much fend of the impending mummy horde, purchasing upgrade...
  20. ERROR! Into The Sky 【WIP】 By: CosmicTacoCat KE3VJCY -+-+-+-+ THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS -+-+-+-+ This was more of a learning project for me...
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