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  1. ERROR! Guess2 By: Giant_Gamer DK33XEA1 Submitted for the "Colors" programing competition. This program is a simple guessing game, a hea...
  2. ERROR! SB Virus Scanner PLUS By: MYCRAFTisbest CX53N3RJ Scans for worms and viruses and such and removes them.
  3. ERROR! Ralsei Grab Bag By: IAmRalsei SBT3EW4E A buncha old stuff
  4. ERROR! Bio Hazard BETA By: PetrifiedLasagna QKX4DE5D Bio Hazard - Zombie Survival
  5. ERROR! Insult Generator By: bluemonkey1111 Y3S334GS Generate your insults now!
  6. ERROR! MY_FIRST_GAME By: Zachyswag RR33588E Hi everyone!! I have been waiting so long to get get SmileBASIC after the whole... HB thing. But...
  7. ERROR! Guess2.1 By: Giant_Gamer QKAXBXX3 This is a bug fix and feature adjusted update to the previously submitted version. New features...
  8. ERROR! Telewarp By: Micalobia A523D2KE An unfinished game in need of some beta testers.
  9. ERROR! Dat boi's adventure! By: Mirkobien KKR3N3KV A platformer game featuring a frog on an unicycle.
  10. ERROR! Thumb Crushers OSP By: ProKuku VJNEW3C4 Kills your thumb
  11. ERROR! Small maze game By: Ptcguy A5YA3G4 This is a short maze game and also my first game.
  12. ERROR! BAS By: SmexyLexyy 7338Q43F A joke program originally made on C# as a test for the ability of the language ported over to Sm...
  13. ERROR! Motion control game By: Sandwich ZEEEEENE A game I made back when Smilebasic came out for NA. You use the motion control feature to contro...
  14. ERROR! FlanTapSim – The pinnacle of flan tapping technologies! By: SomeThing RZ7QX3N4 An astounding, heartwarming gameplay experience that will change your life as you know it.
  15. ERROR! Breakout(needs help) By: therx1 Q3A3Y39S shitty breakout that doesnt work right now(coud use help !! ! !)
  16. ERROR! Cat Sim By: Calem92 KQEK35D Unfinished.If there is any recommendations then post it in the comments.I am a noob at coding in...
  17. ERROR! Five Nights at Ened's (English Page) By: NecroStudios ZD5EVENE The English page for a game called Five Nights at Ened's, which was originally made in Spanish.
  18. ERROR! Bouncy Cat By: bigfoot X3E3VEGP A very simple program about bouncing around with a cat.
  19. ERROR! Space Game Tutorial 2 - Easy to Maintain Code By: Ionesque 74H3LJ Continuation of the Space Game Tutorial series. Part 2 covers: -Why length is not a bad thing -...
  20. ERROR! 360 Interactive Entertainment (logo) By: NovaSonic360 DK4K4E3F This is my very first uploaded program. My logo that I might include in future programs. Please...
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