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  1. ERROR! Dot Racer Classic By: HTV04 QKAN4J9X A port of the PTC version of “Dot Racer,” with added features.
  2. ERROR! 2P Mania By: Xyore 93X3QDAX A 2-player mini-game frenzy where each players takes one half of the 3DS. I'll be adding more t...
  3. ERROR! Get Your Act Together By: Beanmaster1 VKAKN4NY This is a game in which you shoot robots while a psychotic snowball yells insults at you. Over...
  4. ERROR! Portal Test By: JohnCorby 4KHE3XKD A sort of done but not really because laziness program in which you shoot portals. Not a game, m...
  5. ERROR! The Night By: Tukty NJ3EH394 A game For The SBS HALLOWEEN 2017 CONTEST made by me Your Just A Kid On HALLOWEEN BUT THEN......
  6. ERROR! Stock Sim By: LAX18 KB432NV A (somewhat) realistic stock simulator
  7. ERROR! Ralsei's Alchemy By: IAmRalsei 4K2NE5LM A little alchemy inspired game with 20 elements currently and much more features and elements plan-
  8. ERROR! SpikeAvoider By: TotesSwiss KEBENVKE
  9. ERROR! Penalty By: Mariominer NRA3A3DD Kick some penalty kicks, but watch out for the goalie!
  10. ERROR! Square Chaser By: blizord 7KEKQE4F A simple arcade game I made a couple years ago in petit computer(so yeah, it's badly coded). My...
  11. ERROR! Space Mole (SmileBASIC Port) By: snail_ 1DE453HV This is a port of the PTC game Space Mole.
  12. ERROR! Star Shard By: Minxrod CJNNQ394 Enjoy this totally-not-rushed fun game
  13. ERROR! Simple Idea For a Game By: bluemonkey1111 A5733K4E A little idea some programmers should use.
  14. ERROR! RPG Tech Demo By: SquiVolt QRNDPEZ3 A turn-based RPG tech demo.
  15. ERROR! Exotic Butters (DNX VERSION) By: DNX6790 Yks8n5hf Play Exotic Butters anywere un your 3ds
  16. ERROR! Five Nights at Ened's Plus By: DNX6790 GAME: QRF3A373 DATA: WRNXA3HJ ENGLISH: Welcome to Ened's and his friends Pizza, a quiet pizzeria on the day, but at night ......
  17. ERROR! Lights Out Clone By: snail_ MK334J31 It's Lights Out.
  18. ERROR! The Quest By: Alphadog_Games XR847ENV Go on a quest!
  19. ERROR! Calculator and guessing game By: swimgaming C3S833A6 This is a simple Calculator and guessing game program that I decided to make while learning SB....
  20. ERROR! Color Match By: PwnBlck 5EECKQV Miiverse Post A simple concept. Determine whether the coloring matches the writing within the a...
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