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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Smilemon By: TheCoder501 JEV372QE Welcome! Like Pokémon , but with a twist! Smilebasic sprites have made their way to the Pokémon...
  2. ERROR! Dashgame(Geometry dash clone) By: nate19 CKAKQDDY A geometry dash clone, thanks to 9qnace on miiverse for making sprites!
  3. ERROR! Color By: Mariominer 7ZC3Q39J Restore color to the world!
  4. ERROR! Chose your adventure By: CycloneCub XKA83DJS A game to chose your adventure. future updates:DON'T KNOW?
  5. ERROR! Pushups! By: SwanBot BDDXNVAE A fun little OSP I made
  6. ERROR! Tension - The Text Adventure Engine - NEW UPDATE By: Mr_Mo P3DE38HE TEXT ADVENTURE GAME ENGINE!!! :O
  7. ERROR! Frog Spaz By: spaceturtles no lock It dances. Kind of.
  8. ERROR! Battleship By: MCGamer20000 E3S34XGX Battleship! I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS! :D Currently only playable with 1 system multiplayer Known...
  9. ERROR! PONGV2 By: UnfinityHD S33452KE A simple pong game I created.
  10. ERROR! Physics Ball By: TravelerSteve 4K3XKEA3 I made this because I was bored. I like it, so its good. You will enjoy it, probably. There may...
  11. ERROR! ANTI-VIRUS By: EpicMario71 VK38N3QM Is a Anti-virus for nintendo
  12. ERROR! Orbs By: TravelerSteve 7SVQ3334 This simulation of attractive orbs gives a great sense of satisfaction when manipulating variabl...
  13. ERROR! GAME7EXPAD without Circle Pad Pro By: flarn2006 QRS44X8D This is a modded version of the example Circle Pad Pro game that doesn't require the Circle Pad...
  14. ERROR! Body Toss By: Perska Z2R3VW3V A short and small puzzle platformer!
  15. ERROR! Nellr Heighboo By: random_guy R7Q23C4 The demo is now complete. Happy halloween! DONT LOOK DOWN THERE IT WILL SPOIL THE WHOLE GAME!!!!...
  16. ERROR! Fake Brick By: Autz64 J338EDDF The most useless program you will ever see. This program will emulate the Blue Screen of Death,...
  17. ERROR! Project Amoeba_build1 By: PixelStudio 42WE3VKV *Amature coding* What happens when your an Amoeba in a dieing world filled with a deadly virus?...
  18. ERROR! Nose Picker 3D By: PetitProfessor EKE4NKAE A simple game I made for this tutorial: http://petitprofessor.angelfire.com/NosePicker-2.html
  19. ERROR! LaserSpace v2.0 By: AInvesioner Z5WXEN4E A epic space shooter. V1.0 Key- TA3XQ3G4 V1.5 Key- DDVEV8NV V2.0 Key- Z5WXEN4E
  20. ERROR! Hangman By: blizord BBEXEW8V Hangman because why not. Enjoy.
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