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  1. ERROR! PetitModem By: rei_nntnd 23DX324V Phono Transceiver for SmileBasic, and compress/decompress utility PetitModem speed 300bps 1080+...
  2. ERROR! 3DS OS Home Edition By: andritolion RDVEDEHE Begin a new OS... Begin using 3DS OS today!
  3. ERROR! SENDFILE By: MYCRAFTisbest EXEXY3Q4 Transfer PRGs, GRPs, DATs, and MORE over local wireless communications!
  4. ERROR! Encryptor/Decryptor By: 12Me21 4R34P3ED The code: INPUT F$,K$RANDOMIZE 0,LEN(K$)F$="TXT:"+F$T$=LOAD(F$,0)FOR I=0TO-1+LEN(T$)E=ASC(T$[I])...
  5. ERROR! AndroiDS By: A2D_apps 4KY3343D Fanmade version of Android
  6. ERROR! Color Code Transfer Protocol - Sender By: amihart DK28QJ4F Allows you to send programs from your 3DS to your PC using a webcam at a blistering 1 byte per s...
  7. ERROR! Text to Morse Code App By: ahavasandwich DK5XN3Z4 This program converts a character string into Morse code. (Thanks to SquareFingers for an integ...
  8. ERROR! Local Multiplayer File Sender By: 12Me21 5E7QX3K4 Send TXT,PRG,DAT, and GRP files using local multiplayer!
  9. ERROR! Multiplayer Chat By: 12Me21 N3K42XXD Local multiplayer chat. Uses a custom INPUT replacement function (99% identical to LINPUT), so t...
  10. ERROR! HOME of GAMER By: EpicMario71 4RWEXX2D social ( beta ) with updates every 2 weeks
  11. ERROR! Siri 3DS By: Yoshiandjoshi123543 43A3NPHY Inspired from Chrisco! Computer Ask Siri a question and Siri will give you an answer (most of...
  12. ERROR! A2D Chat By: A2D_apps 7KSKVE4S Multiplayer chat by A2D