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  1. ERROR! An Extensive Tutorial on RPG Movement using Sprite to Map Collision By: randomous Explains how to make basic RPG movement in medium detail
  2. ERROR! The ultimate Circle Pad tutorial. By: Sam Want to use the circle pad? Everything is explained here.
  3. ERROR! Parameter Type Checking By: calc84maniac Function parameters in SmileBASIC are not type-checked - a parameter can have any type, regardle...
  4. ERROR! String Mapping By: RNGesus How to save map data into a TXT file
  5. ERROR! How-To: Sine Text Scroller By: snail_ Learn to be a 90s demoscene developer!
  6. ERROR! Storing data into a graphics page By: Simeon Have you ever considered saving data into a pixel's color, but never understood what magical com...
  7. ERROR! Using DATA to improve your program (Debug; Code readability; and more) By: Autz64 How to use DATA to optimize your sourcecode, and save time on future edits.
  8. ERROR! Display a Sprite By: HitomiHoshino Here are my notes on how to display an animated sprite. XSCREEN 2 'enables use of the touch sc...
  9. ERROR! Diamond Square Noise and Plasma Effect By: randomous Noise generation and an application
  10. ERROR! How to record sounds from the 3DS MIC By: TheV360 Learn how to use the MIC to record a sound and play it!
  11. ERROR! SUBST$ replacement using [ ] By: 12Me21 string$[I] == MID$(string$,I,1)string$[I]=replace$ == string$=SUBST$(string$,I,1,replace$) So,...
  12. ERROR! Simple Bullet Tutorial By: randomous How to make a simple game with bullets.
  13. ERROR! Local/Global Variables By: 12Me21 You might have had this problem before: FOR I=0 TO 3 TEST NEXT DEF TEST FOR I=0 TO 7 PRINT...
  14. ERROR! Enemy Movement Done Right By: Guzzler Enemy movement with trig
  15. ERROR! Loading a map from the map editor By: HitomiHoshino Here's a short program function to load in files as saved by the map editor. OPTION STRICT ' L...
  16. ERROR! Making a smooth Jump for platformers By: Autz64 Here i'm going to show how to perform a smooth jump for 2D platforms. The tutorial will kinda fa...
  17. ERROR! Simple TOUCH Sprite Collision Tutorial By: Warrior What? In this tutorial we will be creating a multi-functional TOUCH based sprite collision sys...
  18. ERROR! Showing sprite hitboxes By: Perska An easy method to draw sprite hitboxes.
  19. ERROR! Magnitude Tutorial By: Chemicalex Learn how to find out the distance between two points!