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Resources for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Games and Programs List By: randomous A list of programs and download keys from outside the website.
  2. ERROR! = Official Contests List = By: 12Me21 Oh look another list...
  3. ERROR! New Syntax Highlighter By: 12Me21 I'm working on an improved syntax highlighter that will correctly highlight variables and functi...
  4. ERROR! Key frequency analysis (short keys have leading "3"'s trimmed) By: 12Me21 Notice how 3 (the most common character) is never in the first position. Keys with fewer than 8...
  5. ERROR! Pixel art editor with GRP support. By: pirate Aseprite is a great pixel art tool. It doesn't support custom formats yet but we'll be able to...
  6. ERROR! Dithering By: 12Me21 Pretend that (for some reason) you want to send this image to SmileBASIC: If you try to convert...
  7. ERROR! Importing waveforms from a PC to SB By: Perska A tutorial telling you how to import waveforms to SmileBASIC.
  8. ERROR! Protecting yourself from malicious *JS scripts By: MasterR3C0RD SiteJS and ChatJS are cool, but they can be risky. Learn how to identify what scripts are bad!
  9. ERROR! OSP Screenshot Generator By: 12Me21 SB takes really low quality screenshots, so I created a tool to generate higher quality screensh...
  10. ERROR! Lowerdash Reference Manual By: kldck_hul This is the official manual for Lowerdash, an object-oriented language extension
  11. ERROR! TropicBGM(Key=2DD4V384) By: OChunksHD This is for JINC_DEV. I know it took forever, and it's not the greatest, but I gave it my best s...
  12. ERROR! How to use Random's Big Dumb Library: Game Engine By: randomous How to use the Game Engine functionality in Random's Big Dumb Library
  13. ERROR! List of Functions By: 12Me21 functions with one OUT variable can be written with parentheses: ABS number# OUT absolute_value#...
  14. ERROR! PTC to SB GRP Converter By: snail_ Convert your PTC GRPs to SmileBASIC format!
  15. ERROR! SmileBASIC font By: JustGreat A custom made font based on the SmileBASIC title screen made by a semi-competent sprite artist
  16. ERROR! Sprint: The Game Library: The Reference By: kldck_hul A Lowerdash library to provide the common framework every game engine should have.
  17. ERROR! Ways To Use Lowerdash By: kldck_hul A short guide showing the different ways you can use Lowerdash in your project.
  18. ERROR! Syntax highlighter for SynWrite By: pirate I spent some time yesterday searching for a small, customizable and free source code editor and...
  19. ERROR! How to use Random's Big Dumb Library: Game Engine 2 By: randomous How to use the Game Engine advanced functionality in Random's Big Dumb Library
  20. ERROR! Setting Up A Lowerdash Project By: kldck_hul Get ready to code some code!
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