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Description GALAXY is a project I'm working on in between my two major projects (Criminalis, and Passages of Wealth). It's... mostly a test of procedural generation. No gameplay is involved. Simple graphics (partially because pixel art isn't my thing... or any art for that matter. I suck at art) and the song is StarWishes by lilstrubel. It's not complete, doesn't work. Haven't completely finished up those variables, and you know I'm probably making it more complicated than it needs to be. Ah well... I'll try to finish it soon. I don't think I plan on finishing this anytime soon. Don't think anyone cares, but just saying. I'm going to get working on a different project... Instructions Press A in the title. Press A in the opening statement. Press A to scout for a new system. Press A in the system to return to the galaxy. Right now, the variables aren't all complete, scouting only brings up nothing, and probably crashes the program. It's not complete. Don't yell at me.
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