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Quad Connect

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Description In this game you attempt to match four of your own discs in a row either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically before your opponent can. You and your opponent take turns dropping discs into the play field. If you fill the entire board it is a draw. You can play against a friend, the computer, or even have the computer play by itself. The computer is a fairly weak opponent but still may surprise you at times. Instructions On the main menu use up and down on the d-pad or slide pad to select a game mode or exit. Then select the item with the A button. During gameplay, use left and right on the d-pad or slide pad to select a column and the A button to drop a disc. In two player mode you have to hand the 3DS back and forth.
2 Comment(s) PesticidePoison PesticidePoison Good Page Hidden Achievements Spring 2017 Contest Runner Up I placed 2nd in the SmileBASIC Source Spring 2017 Contest! Programming Contest Second Year My account is over 2 years old Website Finally a connect 4 game! Points for multiplayer too. Y_ack Y_ack +1 for wanpaku