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Command syntax

Syntax element -Example use Example code { option1 | option2 } note: sometimes [ ] are used instead. -OPTION { STRICT | DEFINT } OPTION STRICT [ optional ] Variable$ = STR$( Number [ , Digits ] ) STR$(X) [, ...] = etc. note: sometimes the ... is inside the last list element: Numerical value [,Numerical value…] -DIM name[ Dimension1 [[, Dimension2] [, ...]] ] DIM enemies[3,16] KEYWORDs (and anything that is typed exactly as it is shown) are in bold capital letters Variables are lowercase and italic with the first letters capitalized variablenames (like in VAR name)are all lowercase Example: variable = MIN(MAX(variable,Minimum),Maximum)
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1 Comment(s) randomous randomous Power User Robot Hidden Easter Eggs Second Year My account is over 2 years old Website Drawing I like to draw! Hobbies This page doesn't explain a lot. Could you perhaps go into more detail? Or maybe use headers like h3 or use bold text to differentiate the syntax from the example?