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Space-Restriction Challenge QSP Phase Ends on March 26!

OSP (One Screen Program) Submissions

QSP Contest I - Spring 2019

12_QSP-TETRIS Controls: Circle pad = Move piece Collect circles for bonus points. The error is intentional. (To allow viewing highscores) 12Me21


COMFY WAVES I saw the old contest title and I though what could be better than watching an artificial ocean? Autz64


DOWNFALL You are falling. Tilt to dodge balloons. snail_


FOUR DAYS A game developer tries to develop a game in Four Days. Very minimal playtesting done, although there shouldn't be many bugs. IAmRalsei


NA-AVOIDER Avoid the oncoming aliens. Get as far as you can. Nathaniel


RG-SINWAV Sine wave generator Sorry for low quality picture random_god


Y_DRUNK You ($) had a little too much to drink and need to get home (#) while avoiding obstacles (!) Control: D-Pad. Runs in WIDTH 8 Yttria


OSP Contest II - Summer 2018

12_.-TETRIS Classic Tetris Input level (0 to 60) at the start Left/Right/Down = Move A/B = Rotate 12Me21
BM_INSULTYOU I didn't know what to call the program so... DONE crappy program! (Don't ask) bluemonkey1111
CH-FASTTERRAIN Generate terrain quickly and view it! Use the Circle Pad to pan and the Circle Pad Pro (or X/Y) to zoom! auceps
GALAXY_NOMMER Help Wang-PAKU eat an entire galaxy! Press R to switch between play and map view (you can't move in map view). spaceturtles
IS_POTATO2 I made another game, the 2nd potato game! (As seen by the 2 at the end)The code sc spoils the game though... Imasheep
JETFLYER_OSP A small jet that flies through clouds. MZ952
LU_SEEDJOURNEY A seed attempts to cross the sea. Tap to ride the wind! Don't fly too high or too low, and avoid the bird youkai! Yttria
NA-FLUID_CUBES An interactive isometric simulation controlled by gravity. Press any button to start and tilt to interact. Nathaniel
PS_HIDE-N-SEEK Your friends have hidden themselves in crowds of clones, and you must find them! Perska
RND_STRANDED Escape the "island". Global warming or something. A - Action (L strafe) X/Y - Plant randomous
SAVETHEWORLD The world is in its Global Warming State. It is your job to remove all the litter from the land and all the oil from the sea. RGamesOffical
SIMEON_CIRCLES Use physics to connect the two white circles, with increasing difficulty. (shutup, the screenshot spells SB) Simeon
SL_SNOWFL Help the snowflake avoid the incoming heatwave! Avoid the fire by making her shrink. The larger she is, the faster she falls. SpiderLily
SP_CATS_DOGS It is raining cats and dogs out there. Collect coins, avoid cats and dogs. Move with the d-pad or slide pad. seggiepants
SV_CATJUMP You are the cat. Jump from cloud to cloud to avoid falling offscreen. SquiVolt
TYPEFIGHTER Board your starfighter and save the universe. (It's a typing game.) snail_
WARM_DESCENT Global warming happened: everything has cancer now. Yikes. (Clear 10 floors to win!) Sam