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announcing SmileBrowser, a possible internet browser for SmileBasic

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  • #21 ✎ 38 NateDogg1232 Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself Avatar Taboo I didn't change my avatar for 180 days Website Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Wow this is such a cool project. Even if it is pointless (it's not, just going based off of that argument. Playing devil's advocate), it's a really cool feat and shows off the capabilities of the platform and how much stuff it can actually offer. It's not just a platform for games now, it's a platform for so many other things. Posted
  • #22 ✎ 269 Shelly Okay, so this project's been going on slowly for a while. Here's a library I made. It basically handles all of the modem stuff, so you only need to worry about things like IPV4 packets, HTTP, and HTML. This should be able to do all the audio transmission stuff, to communicate with the other modem. Everything else is up to you. ACLS OPTION STRICT DIM MICSAMPLES DIM I DIM MAXVAL DIM STRING$ DIM SPEED DIM BINARYPACKET [65535] DIM SENDPACKET [65535] DIM MS DEF MARK STRING$,SPEED IF STRING$="ANSWERING" THEN 2225 IF STRING$="ORIGINATING" THEN 1270 N=LOG(F/440,POW(2,1/12))+57BGMPLAY FORMAT$("@D%[email protected]%D",(N-(N<<0))*63,N) END DEF SPACE STRING$,SPEED IF STRING$="ANSWERING" THEN N=2025 IF STRING$="ORIGINATING" THEN N=1070 N=LOG(F/440,POW(2,1/12))+57BGMPLAY FORMAT$("@D%[email protected]%D",(N-(N<<0))*63,N) END DEF HANDSHAKE HANDSHAKE=0 REPEAT MS=MILLISEC MARK ORIGINATE,1 REPEAT UNTIL MILLISEC-MS=90 XON MIC MICSTART 0,0,1 WAIT 60 MAXVAL=MAX(MICSAMPLES) I=-1 REPEAT INC I,1 UNTIL MICSAMPLES[I]==MAXVAL IF MICSAMPLES[(I+8180/1270)]==MAXVAL AND MICSAMPLES[((I+8180/1270)*2)]==MAXVAL THEN HANDSHAKE==1 UNTIL HANDSHAKE==1 END The simplest thing that can be done is to send an IPV4 Packet to do this you must use the following code: LOAD "PRG1:LIBRARY",FALSE USE 1 XON MIC HANDSHAKE 'This makes sure data can be transmitted correctly. This only needs to be run at the very beginning of each session. FOR I=0 TO (65535-1) IF BINARYPACKET[I]==1 THEN MARK MS=MILLISEC REPEAT UNTIL MILLISEC-MS==3.333 OR (MILLISEC-MS)>3.333 ENDIF IF BINARYPACKET[I]==0 THEN SPACE MS=MILLISEC REPEAT UNTIL MILLISEC-MS==3.333 OR (MILLISEC-MS)>3.333 ENDIF NEXT This takes the IPV4 packet stored in the array, and sends it over a phone line to the ISP modem, which connects it to the internet. However, if you were to run this exact code it wouldn't be very useful. You need to actually fill the array with an IPV4 packet. This is an example of how to fill it (Very inefficient): BINARYPACKET[0]=0'binary 4 to shows this is an ipv4 packet (0,1,2,3) BINARYPACKET[1]=1 BINARYPACKET[2]=0 BINARYPACKET[3]=0 BINARYPACKET[4]= BINARYPACKET[5]= BINARYPACKET[6]= BINARYPACKET[7]= This is currently only capable of transmitting at 300 baud, which is almost completely useless for browsing the internet, especially since most ISPs don't even support 300 baud connections. Eventually I'll get around to making a higher-speed version, allowing for up to 9600 BPS. Although, I must say that 56k connections will be impossible, so don't expect it. Posted Edited by Shelly
  • #23 ✎ 172 CoinzReturns
    Okay, so this project is dead. Here's a system which I might eventually try though: |--------|---->|-------------|----->|------------------------>| | 3ds | |Arduino| |Ethernet shield | |--------|<----|-------------|<-----|<------------------------|
    SmileNet is coming along, and if you're bored and have nothing else to do, why don't you help me on research and development? Here's things I need: 1) testers for later you'll need homebrew though. 2) message packet layer developers, and message serialization. I basically want to provide a serialization system to make the messaging API really easy to use between multiple SmileBasic clients 3) Possibly someone to optimize the code so that one single 3ds can connect to another instead of the current requirement of requiring a PC client to connect to another PC client, then those two connecting to seperate 3ds's but the 3ds side runs a listener server on TCP because it's the easiest. 4) the speed limit is set to something like 2.5 mbps I do believe, on old and new 3ds alike. But that's still so much faster than any dial up thing. 5) Software developers, and demo developers. This just requires you to use SmileNet to develop software in SmileBasic that utilizes it whether it's multiplayer demos or whatnot 6) Possibly, custom PC side client management tools that allow users to enter a game lobby , or leave one, and such, for different games. Something similiar to how Game Ranger works. only just for SmileNet sessions.
  • #24 ✎ 269 Shelly Okay, so I think this system SHOULD be able to work. I just need to fashion a ghetto acoustic coupler in order to hook it up to my phone line, so I can call a bbs to test it. If the test is successful I'll be able to move on to the more interesting portions of the project. Posted Edited by Shelly
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